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Though there are obvious physical differences between the god-like, purple-clad entity and the thousand dollar suit-wearing owner of WWE, the similarities between the two are striking.

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Teaming with Cesaro — [ edit ] Main article: Galactus is an all-powerful entity who literally consumes planets in an attempt to sate an unquenchable hunger.

Kidd and Gabriel then competed in a series of tag team matches on Superstars against Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rekswinning every match. Kofi may not have the same penchant for witty banter as Spidey when it comes to battling opponents, but he certainly has the same positive spirit possessed by Peter Parker while in costume.

WWE's hottest couples may be some you didn't even know existed.

Both Ziggler and Deadpool are willing to align themselves with the shadiest characters to get what they want, a practice that is none too wise.

Bombastic battles, colorful clothing and alliterative alter egos abound in their analogous arenas. Like Kidd, Hawkeye has no superpower to speak of; to keep up with the likes of Captain America and The Hulk, he must also rely on his combat expertise to survive.

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He returned in for another month-long tour. In JanuaryKidd began a face turn for the first time since In the heat of battle, both men bring to the table a precision in their respective offensive arsenals, proving time and again that they are exceedingly daring, especially from the shadows.

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Jericho returned from hiatus, quickly pointed out his accomplishments and, not to be outdone, entered himself in the match. Ryback and Juggernaut strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, be it an opposing Superstar or even the most seasoned X-Man or Avenger.

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Though Galactus might be stoic and silent in his rampant destruction, Mr. Their methods may not always be civilized, but whether battling Sabretooth or Kane, they do what is necessary for survival and victory. As was evident early on in his diabolical endeavors, Green Goblin always has a plan, and his actions always serve to suit him.

These are adjectives most would shy away from being affixed to. And although CM Punk may not have a healing factor like Wolverine, The Second City Saint has dedicated himself to a straight edge lifestyle that keeps him strong of mind, body and spirit.

Like Daredevil, Sin Cara uses his body in ways that defy logic and show no fear. Kidd at a WWE event in Exceedingly capable in the ring, Kidd relies on his technical proficiency between the ropes to carry him to victory.

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As Deadpool follows the green to whatever his next mission may be, so too is Ziggler willing to do whatever it takes to chase gold in the form of a title opportunity. As if he possesses the power of Cyttorrak inside the squared circle, the behemoth known as Ryback has decimated every challenger that stands in his way with only one request: