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Devathai Devathai is an Indian Tamil-language soap opera that aired first from 1 July and ended airing on 20 August for episodes. The show's creators and child cast were somewhat shocked at the response to the program and its misinterpretation. Parents admit to a cordial dislike of the saccharine saurian, and no self-respecting second-grader will admit to liking Barney.

Avoid at all costs. Shane Hegarty in the Irish Times claimed the nightclub scenes had "all the atmosphere of a parish fete" Worst dating profile in history complained that the characters "are narcissistic, shallow and humourless. Clark of the Chicago Tribune wrote that MTV "created the most repulsive creatures ever to show up on a television screen".

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I was going to make AaronCarterFan come across as so abhorrent that not even the kinds of dudes who comment on YouPorn videos would respond to her. Laurence of the San Diego Union-Tribune complained of "amateurish acting, cheap sets and tedious scripts.

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OK, I thought, pouring myself a stiff drink as I prepared to sift through these messages from actual, living men with functioning central nervous systems. This man claimed he was good at 'nothing' while donning a costume That's niche!

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My new goal was to get these men to stop messaging her back. One performance by Joanna Fisherin which she sang the Sheena Easton song " 9 to 5 ", caused national outrage when Fisher, then aged only five years old, sang the lines: These messages are natural extensions of her profile, confirmation that you do not, I repeat, do not want to know this woman.

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Mitchella University of Chicago professor who devoted a chapter of his book The Dinosaur Book to the anti-Barney phenomenon, noted: One man boasted about his prized 'ninja sword' in his profile Well, at least he's honest! Unless, of course, you consider references to sex acts and bestiality OK for younger ears.

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Well at least he's honest! It's just manipulative drama that hopes to make you stand up and cheer by reminding you over and over again how tough its title character remains.

The soap opera abruptly ended without finishing the original script.

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It was one of the worst things I ever saw. Only that last bit is relevant here, I guess.

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Despite the show's popularity, the resulting controversy caused Minipops to be cancelled shortly afterwards.