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Apr DestinyK I love the opening of this fragrance, it smells like root beer for the first little bit then turns into burnt almonds on me that sets off my headaches. It's my signature scent, which I try to keep a secret! Rv hookup at walmart is quite different smelling from the sample I tried years back at the store, seems like it got too one note and just woody almondy vanilla scent in comparison to the other formula I tried at the store which was semi dimensional flourishing sensation of a scent I really loved this vanilla, coconut and almond perfume from the start, but I find the fragrance not suitable for any other time than wintertime.

Although the dry down is vanallic and soothing, the opening is too off-putting for me to care for this scent. May justchillinxo I feel like this is overhyped. I don't detect any particular complexity, I just know that I get a little lift every time I wear it. I have female friends who asked to stop wearing it next to them.

May variationss Have finally gotten it as a present.

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Every time I'm feeling down or just wanna feel cozy and happy I take the gorgeous bottle out of its box and spray it on. In the final scene of the play, Martha, played by Lindsay Duncan, dresses her son in her silk nightie, pearls and lipstick, to the horror of his absentee father Hugh.

Female friends often ask about it, but I want to smell unique! The year-old taking over from David Tennant as the Time Lord slipped on a white dress with hooped earrings and a pearl necklace during his critically acclaimed performance in That Face at London's Royal Court in Which is disappointing, because I love vanilla and I love the smell of this.

I'd call it Milk and Ginger Cookies, but then of course it wouldn't sell as much.

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Men seem to love it as well. Everyone emphasises the gourmand notes and talks about it as a cookie for girls. Then I take it out again and spray it a couple more times. I get the creamy vanilla with a dusty feel like powdered sugar I have a small ball made of sandalwood that has the same dustiness.

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It is very sweet, and on my skin not long lasting at all. The reduced wage is a reflection of the credit crunch and the fact that Smith comes into the show as an unknown whereas Tennant already had a TV presence when he first entered the Tardis.

I have tried Hypnotic Poison SO many times, and it is just a fail. So it stayed a winter fragrance for me. The latest version is like toffee on my skin. Jun noranelmadawy This is gorgeous! The name suits it perfectly.


HP is a bottle of pure fun. For me, it's just coziness in a bottle. And the smell changes as time passes. All the notes on paper should be a dream scent for me, but it ends up just smelling like a cheap drugstore fragrance! A bit of musk and I thought I smelt Liquorice but it's not listed.

I'll have to wait until wintertime to enjoy this as I feel it could suffocate people in the heat. Spray on Whos dating who on dwts 2014 skin for others to enjoy and on clothes for yourself.

Apr aelserafy I don't associate this scent with seduction or mystery.

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May alicektn I recently scored a version of Hypnotic poison. Not sexy, but definitely warm and inviting.