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Roof and floor repaired. It was severely damaged, and the opposite number was removed by Mr Ling, the estate carpenter, to restore the balance, and was taken to the local estate yard on a four-wheel drug, where it was eventually cut up and reused for other purposes.

The ribs are a curious construction; they are joined about a foot above the upper side rails that enables them first to go out at an angle then return giving a pronounced curve near the bottom of the roof.

James Lancaster 55 journeyman miller Ann Lancaster These were built off the buck so that the mill could continue to turn to wind. The family seemed prone to disaster.

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Common sails replaced by patent sails, fantail added and most machinery replaced in cast iron White's Hutson, Ickleford to Harry Apling - 10th Januuary Roundhouse under repair in with new trestles above Roundhouse interior c. The mill continued to work with two sails, but with war restrictions the grinding trade dwindled to almost nothing, and Mr Pattinson employed a miller, William Bennett, who would travel over from East Harling with a high cart and white horse whenever necessary.

Norfolk News - 11th October Messrs.

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Richard Carman, miller Index of Wills According to the Suffolk Chronicle of 22 August there was a fire at the towermill and nothing but the brickwork then remained. Norfolk News - 11th October At the age of 36, William Lawrence died from gangrenous frostbite on Christmas Morning ofleaving his wife Emma to carry on the business.

Once the plywood was in place the aluminium went on remarkably quickly.

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She was, however, a woman of great character, for which she is justly revered by her descendants. A new manager was then engaged, Mr John Tuck, grandfather of the founder of the well-known modern millers. Phillip Unwin - Brome, Suffolk, Owner of mill: Mill advertised for sale by private contract or let along with towermill Tithe map Obviously she could not run the business alone, and in a young man of 21, John Ellis Nunn, came from Dickleburgh to manage both farm and mill, which had always been run together.

It was thanks to these sheets that the buck was still in such good condition, unlike the roundhouse and trestle. My grandad James Brock, Stephen's son brought the mill, I see that info is still on there if you look in the brick work I think on the house it is ingraved Amy Brock that is James daughter she did it.

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During the succeeding years trade remained brisk, and both mill and farm flourished. Before the plywood could be fitted, the detailing at eaves had to be altered.

At the same time, a steam engine to drive an additional pair of stones was installed in a nearby shed and drove a pair of stones mounted on a hurst frame within the roundhouse.

Upright shaft 4 ins. Map Courtesy of NLS map images c.

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The ribs were encased in plywood and aluminium, which gave a really chunky finish to the back of the roof. Bill had done something similar to Framsden Mill in East Suffolk only two years earlier. John Tuck then became manager and remained in service until Mrs.

When taking off the sheets, it was discovered just how corroded and fragile they were. The above is well situate next the road to Bury aand is in the occupation of Mr.

The Miller - 17th November c.