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Brady and Nicole Names: In DecemberBo was hanging the star on top of the Christmas tree and fell off the ladder and hit his head. Eric and Nicole Names: Gabi knew Melanie being kidnapped by her stalker, Andrew but didn't do anything because Andrew blackmailed her.

Viewers, along with the hapless couple, were forced to revisit two "Days" storylines: Ciara's name was selected by fans in an online poll.

King, in order to test Bo's loyalty to the drug ring, made Billie and Bo get married. To cope with the stress, Hope began taking sleeping pills. But ultimately, Doug and Julie were too powerful a force to be stopped. Inside was a marriage certificate for John and Hope.

The loss of Eric, who left town in disgust with her, heavily shaped the girl she became. Banus looked forward to playing the "fallout", and said "For me there are so many questions [ He reveals himself to her the night she sets the Kiriakis mansion on fire and attempts to kill him with a poker.

Army to serve in the Korean Warand was believed to have died heroically in battle a couple of months before John's birth.

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And, though Diana won't go down in history as the most famous pairing John had during the period of Marlena's death, it worked. Fortunately, his free time proved valuable when Caroline was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. No matter how you feel about the extremely polarizing pairing of this suave British sociopath and his rape victim, E.

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Chad, however, gives half of the antidote to each one, saving both of their lives, however Gabi remains in a coma. This ended up bringing Hope and Chase's father Aiden Jennings into conflict, but they eventually started dating.

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The Alliance grew in power and influence, and established a clandestine training center in the United States, using a private school named Winterthorne Academy as a cover.

Casting[ edit ] Inthe role of Kate Winograd was introduced with actress Elaine Princiand left in It would have been all too easy for them to cut their losses with the recast and send Roman offscreen until they got Wayne Northrop and Deidre Hall were both available, but the show clearly saw something in Drake Hogestyn and brought in a new girl for him.

Claire and Tripp welcome her back but she isn't civil. Since it seemed that Jay Johnson was the most popular part of the triangle and that Beemer and Madison's Shelle was only hurting the goodwill fans felt for the couple, Shawn and Belle were hurriedly reunited and shoved offscreen while Philip was moved on to other things.

During this time, Ciara developed a crush on Chad. Though Nicole has had many many men on her time in the show, Eric was her first love interest and will always be one of her best remembered.

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Watch any scene from their final year on the show and it's Choi jin hyuk dating rumor not to be taken by the funny fresh rapport the two have.

Marlena ended up shot by the police while trying to escape, and died in John's arms.

He then turns to alcohol and his medical career begins to suffer. They were the ultimate odd couple, Eugene a helplessly neurotic uber-nerd and Calliope glamorous and zany fashion designer with an absurd style even for the s.

Bo was able to care for Caroline. By this time, Theo and Claire were dating and Claire was as starting to get into music.

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Before Rex came along, Mimi had spent four years relegated to the role of Belle's mopey, unfortunate, not-as-hot sidekick. She is portrayed as a stoic, aggressive and family-oriented woman who is generally loving and supportive, but often interferes in her friends' and relatives' lives through any means necessary.

Sadly, as time goes on, Mike's relationship with Margo has faded from memory from too many as has Wesley Eure's Mike in general and he's primarily remembered for later relationships of his. She is disgusted by his actions.