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Ridge began to support Katie and they began to have some sort of attraction towards each other.

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Deacon admit to Quinn that he's an alcoholic and started attending AA meetings again. After Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash, Brooke became engaged to psychiatrist James Warwick, but accepted Ridge's proposal instead.

After Katie recited their poem, he spoke the last line and remembered her.

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He and Brooke broke up over the reveal. Quinn questioned the wait, and deacon explained what happened, subtracting the kiss part.

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Brooke rededicated herself to pursuing Ridge until she received a call that her father, Stephen, was dying. Afterwards, Bill moved in with Brooke and later proposed to Brooke stating that he knew what he wanted the moment that he went to Monte Carlo and she was the first woman not to be afraid of him.

InKatie goes missing shortly after giving birth to Will, and suffering from post-partum depression. Until she does, she is often doomed to making the same mistakes when it comes to men. He didn't love Katie anymore and reasoned that deep down Katie didn't love him, not the real him like Brooke.

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Katie was shocked because she thought that Eric liked her but told him to do it for the position. Bill made the point that he accepted Karen's gay when she didn't expect him to. Maya questioned if Rick has told her what's going on and Brooke denied it.

Losing her baby, Brooke felt saddened for her sister and allowed Jack, her son by Nick to spend time with Katie to help cheer her up because of her loss.

He told her his marriage was over and that he loved her and wanted a life with her. Together, Bill and Brooke interrupted a presentation Thomas was giving with an impromptu show featuring Brooke and other models in the lingerie. Katie was upset to see them but realized they were engaged.

Brooke held Stephanie in her arms as she died.

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Hope had a miscarriage, falling down the Logan Mansion patio, when Quinn was talking with her, making her nervous. Katie began divorce proceedings and took over Spencer Publications. InBrooke repeated history, as she had once done with Deacon and Bridget, when she accidentally had sex with Hope's then-boyfriend, Oliver Jones, and like Bridget, Hope forgave her.

Maya welcomed her in and put a red robe on.

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Katie takes a swish of vodka and then rinses with mouthwash. Brooke found her and asked what was wrong. After that Thomas kissed Brooke in a Brooke's Bedroom fashion show.

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What she didn't know was Andy was a stalker and raped Brooke. Katie looks underneath the table to see Brooke's leg rubbing up and down Bill's.

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The marriage was considered invalid as they never filed their license. The two had problems when Ridge often stuck his nose in their relationship. Brooke also had some words with Quinn before she left.

Once Brooke lost the baby in a tragic miscarriage, Ridge broke off a relationship with her and began chasing Caroline again.