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Ethan began to feel emotionally withdrawn from Annie in the coming days, leading to a slow frustration on her part. She discovers that he is with another woman, Jane, whom Liam met in Alaska and Annie leaves heartbroken saying that only half-a-week ago he said that he loved her and asked to marry her twice, and he then Who is annie from 90210 dating in real life that he met Jane on the fishing boat.

Navid tells Silver that he can't stop thinking about her and he asks her if what he feels for her is just all in his head. Later that same night, Annie calls Liam's cell phone but he doesn't answer so she leaves a message saying she was just checking in on him after being interupted by Jasper earlier in the hallway.

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Contents [ show ] Summary The second season begins and Annie and Liam are both in rough places. Silver and Navid almost kiss, which is when they start to understand that there is something more between them. However, in Season 5 we find out that Dixon did indeed survive but has obviously suffered and is left with a wheelchair, then crutches.

So the girls come back and ham it up a little and manage to get a poor salesman to relent to their pleas. When Annie asks what the hell does that mean, Jasper declares that while he "accidentally" pushed Navid down the stairs, Annie accidentally ran over his uncle.

As Silver steals Navid away from the party to help Adrianna with her plan, Navid confesses that he has been having feelings for her. Silver eventually confided that she used to be friends with Naomi as well which ended after Naomi betrayed her by revealing a secret about her father.

When Dixon and Annie go to visit him at his new house somewhere in Los Angeles, they are surprised to meet his new girlfriend. When Annie walked in she heard Ty in the shower and saw Addrianna in a towel drinking champagne.

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Later, when Jasper's relationship with Annie's parents begins to suffer because of the rumour, he pushes Navid down a flight of stairs. The boy she had a drunken fling with at the end-of-summer party took a naked picture of her, and now Naomi has a copy.

He decides to move back to Beverly Hills, accepting a position as the principal at his old high school. Confused, she asks Adrianna for advice. Along the way, he explained that he'd chosen to be adopted out of resentment for his mother's bipolar disorder, unaware at the time that it was a true illness.

After talking to her cousin Emily about the situation, she tells Liam that she wants to be with him but he turns her down because he and Charlie talked it out.

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At Adrianna's Hollywood Christmas party, Navid gets fed up with Adrianna's diva attitude and decides to get away from the party to be alone. All goes well, until Adrianna invites Navid and Silver for her housewarming sleepover, which the others in their group were unable to attend.

Silver is almost drugged by Cannon when she stopped by his house to watch a documentary, but left when she saw that Naomi had said exactly the same phrase that was said by Cannon in the video.

She later finds out that Dixon broke into the school as Harry was covering for him. Navid spends the night at Silver's and it soon becomes apparent that Silver and Navid do share romantic feelings for each other.

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In "By Accident", he breaks up with Silver but then reconciles with her in "Help Me, Rhonda", when Silver indicates that she's in love with him. They call the police and Mr. Liam - I read the end of your book, the person that you made me the guy who rides up on the motorcycle and says exactly how he feels and what he wants even if it's complicated and that's the guy I want to be.

They later make up. A resentful Adrianna decided that she needed to get revenge on Annie and decided to lie to Ty and say that Annie was seen leaving with Ethan, which wasn't true but this act made Ty jelaous and he agreed to sleep with her. They also see the address to where the equipment has been ordered.

Dixon tries to help her re-adjust and get back to her old life. But neither notice Jasper lurking in the shadows watching Annie slip into the car with him.

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She becomes best friends with Annie and develops a romantic interest in Dixon, which quickly blossoms into a relationship.

They kiss and Ethan points out that Silver ran after him and not Dixon.

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Working with Dixon he rents it out for music videos, and his first one with Nelly could be called a qualified success. While prepping for dinner with Jasper, Dixon comes out with an attitude being brash and rude towards Annie. She is based in Do hookup sites actually work on Brenda Walsh from the original series.

She also declared that he'd been eyeing her with romantic affection throughout the evening, and reminded him of the pledge to be honest. She finds out Dixon is lying to Sasha about who he is, but she just plays along as she still cares for him.