Red Hook – No sleep 'til Brooklyn Red Hook – No sleep 'til Brooklyn

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Scores, the Midtown club where Younan was charged for private rooms, tips and booze over three nights in November — tried to collect on the tab in court even after the strippers pleaded guilty to the scam.

Please do not call me. The study was funded through a Federal Transit Administration grant secured by U.

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After examining the transit environment in Red Hook, DOT identified several potential improvements which, though they will not include a streetcar, will improve access and mobility for neighborhood residents.

Order Reprint of this Story January 21, The five were also accused of targeting a banker, a hedge fund executive and a real estate attorney in a credit card scam during the last four months of New York prosecutors indicted the strippers and a club manager on grand larceny, assault, forgery and other charges.

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The study also included a Community Advisory Committee and a public meeting to receive input from stakeholders and inform them of study progress. To Pascucci, he says he wrote: He claimed he had no memory of being at the club and never authorized the charges.

With the assistance of lead consultant URS, known internationally for its streetcar expertise, DOT conducted a technical analysis of the area's needs and demographics, as well as an examination of the engineering advantages and limitations of a Red Hook streetcar line.

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This study contains a wealth of information about feasibility of the streetcar mode in a New York City environment and provides a valuable resource for potential future efforts to revive this mode. This initial analysis was meant to determine if this mode, once a staple of New York City's streets, was a viable method of connecting the residents and businesses of Red Hook with Brooklyn's broader transportation network and supporting economic development in the area.

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The Final Where to hook up in nyc discusses these findings in detail. If you read and enjoy our journalism, please consider subscribing today. Karina Pascucci AP photo provided by the DEA Younan sued Scores and the women in Julycountering a lawsuit the strip club had filed against him after he challenged the charges as fraudulent.

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This conclusion was reached after a full consideration of many factors, including the significant construction and operating costs required, the relatively low expected transit ridership increase, narrow streets that hinder streetcar motions in certain areas, and city land use and zoning policy in the neighborhood which precludes the mixed use development and neighborhood master planning that has been key to successful streetcar projects around the country.

Investigators announced the arrests of the four women and a club manager in June No additional city or state funds are required. Study Results The study developed an optimal streetcar alignment and used it as a basis for studying feasibility considerations such as street width and underground utility impacts, construction and operations costs, the level of neighborhood support of the project, and the existing land use and zoning policies in the neighborhood.

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Based on a thorough examination of these factors, a streetcar in Red Hook will not be pursued at this time.