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Via feminism, you wanted women to be able to choose their own life path. Point 3 from the article.

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A lot of you emailed me this NY Times article written by a 30 year-old woman bitching about how men like to date younger women. That younger woman is going to be long gone from that guy before he even gets close to being old. Not only will having children make you less happybut having kids murders your big life goals for at least 15 years.

Women mature faster than men.


Therefore, this is not something you want to do until most or all of your big life goals are already completed. Aaaaannnnd you just proved my entire point, and destroyed your own.

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A 55 year-old man shooting blanks who really wants to impregnate his young girlfriend or wife can very easily do so with procedures such as in vitro. No one is forcing them? Please show me the person forcing these 26 year-old women at gunpoint to get pregnant and have babies. Shit, I wrote an entire book on how to do it.

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The average age of new mothers is 26, but the average age of new fathers is Point 2 from the article. It upsets me that men I go on first dates with who are 30 years old like me have not given any thought to if or when they want kids, while this is a very important thing for me.

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I think men should wait until at least And worse, implying this is somehow not fair? Women do mature faster than men, and as Western men become more beta and child-like, this phenomenon has exacerbated in recent years, and will continue to get worse.

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Women are choosing these thingsā€¦ so why are you complaining? Any woman can choose to have babies with a man her age instead of a man older than her.

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Point 6 from the article. By contrast, women of all ages tend to like men closer to their age. The reasons for this childification of men are all due to left-wing social mores such as socialism, third wave feminism, man bashing, divorce rape, the welfare state, and increased size and role of government, all things that I have a very strong feeling you support, and that I have vehemently opposed my entire life.