What is the difference between What is the difference between "seeing someone" vs. "dating someone?" : dating

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This usually happens when others are describing you.

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See you is usually said when you are going to see that person on a later time. Dating tends to imply that the relationship has grown into a much more serious endeavor.

You are their shoulder to lean on, you genuinely want them to be in you life as it wouldn't be the same without them, you will do anything for them, you try your hardest not to disappoint them!!

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Answer extended- by omario: The first one means to just generally go to another place with friends. How do you bring it up? Insecuries in one, may lead the other to be fufilled in the aspects of their relationship their mate is not satisfying.


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You could follow these guides to understand how reddit formats text. This is a not a place to get dates This sub is mainly for talking about dating experiences, advice, and questions.

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A brief look online will show a lot of people saying different things about what they mean. Going out on a date means that you are dating to get to know the person because you are attracted to each other and may want to steady date in the future.

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Jokergirl 1, Contributions What is the difference between seeing someone exclusively and being boyfriend girlfriend?