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Almost like a goofy friend or an Fashion dating site that has a unique form of dry humor, these quizzes really draw you in with their wit.

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Create results that are positive and lead to something more We share things on social media that make us look good. Write quiz questions that strike up a conversation The biggest thing that sets quizzes apart from most other forms of content is the ability for content creator to speak directly with content consumer.

Just be sure to follow some basic principles and be yourself and your quiz will be just fine.

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However, what I mean is that you should speak like you would to a friend. It might sound stupid to say this, of course we speak like humans when we write content — we are human after all.

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The graph above is compiled from a cross-section of quizzes published on a variety of sites. To discover what kind of cover image works best, we started with the hunch that pictures of people would get more hits than those without people.

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Focus on the actual positive elements of each quiz result and stay honest. Get started by making one of your own and feel free to discuss successes or failure in the comments below. You never want to tell people they are great just for the sake of buttering them up.

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The second part of a great quiz result is to have a follow-up item. He writes about new ways to connect with customers and build trust with them.

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In each result there is a link to check out the Forbes College Adviser that is personalized based on each quiz result. How in the world does one get noticed in that mess?

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First, speaking like a normal human makes a huge difference. Turns out nearly all of the tweets contain some sort of positive word. To see what kind of an effect speaking like we normally do can have on quiz views, we compared quiz views to the number of instances of personal pronouns like I, we, and you.

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This is primarily because visual assets perform much better on social media, and it means your cover photo is prime real estate.

We like celebrities in part because we see a reflection of ourselves in these famous people who live lavish lives. Have a plan for sharing If you write a good quiz, it will get shared.

If you tell people they are awful, no one will share, but if you tell them they rock, you will get shared.

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This makes intuitive sense, if you think about the types of posts that show up on your Facebook feed and are popular; pictures of your friends probably come to mind more than sceneries or nature photos. The same applies to quiz results.