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They have woven matauranga Maori through the whole project in terms of how they are presenting science and that is fantastic to see," Ms Tocker says All New Zealanders should strongly reject attempts to create racially-based political systems.

This unfortunate reasoning from narcissism is everywhere. The tribe argues that those roles give it more than just the right of objection to anything planned in the area.

But he conveniently ignores the fact that creating political systems which are quite explicitly based on race is fundamentally different from redrawing geographical boundaries.

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And around and around the circular reasoning goes. Sanctuary 18 February at Voter Harikoa George is on the Maori roll, but she wants the option to switch between the two freely. To keep the fishing industry happy and to ensure iwi with fishing rights under the Treaty of Waitangi are on board, Peters is proposing a mixed model that allows for roughly 95 per cent marine reserve and 5 per cent fishing At last year's election year 19, people tried to switch between the two, and were frustrated to find out it's only once every five or six years they can do it.

The deal would involve a compromise from the Greens though — accepting that the sanctuary won't be a per cent no-fishing zone. Maori people see us as one country despite our various historical and cultural backgrounds. In other words if someone who has greater knowledge and expertise in a area gives me their informed and considered advice, I take it.

The big thing that leaps out from these people, apart from their self-important stupidity, is a complete mistrust of evidence and experts. Maori households saw their cost of living rise 1. A University of Auckland legal expert who specialises in indigenous cases, Associate Professor Claire Charters, says this will be an important decision that all iwi will be keeping an eye on.

I guess that comes with the territory. Those eligible for the Maori roll are being given the chance to choose whether to stay there, or opt for the general roll.

More than 2, had left the roll after just a month into the Maori Election Option process. An existing Treaty settlement already gave the Tauranga Moana Iwi Collective several seats on the board which governed Tauranga Harbour, but as part of its negotiations Pare Hauraki Collective also wants Service matchmaking seat on the board Ngai Te Rangi chief executive Paora Stanley says tikanga is a sophisticated inquisitorial system based in centuries of use by Maori.

Now, I live my life by certain guidelines. See full article HERE A big win for the Manukau Bus Station - Auckland Transport "In addition to the use of natural timber and prominent Iwi creative expressions, Te Aranga Maori Principles guided the design of the vital stormwater management system and the passive temperate controls methods.

I blame the fetishisation of the cult of the individual and a society that encourages everyone to believe their opinion and views hold an equal value to that of anyone else, regardless of the actual value of such opinions which are usually worthless for this disease of insufferably opinionated fools.

Vote NO to the creation of a Maori ward! The ,square-kilometre sanctuary was considered dead in the water when Labour and NZ First joined forces to form a Government after the election.

He implies that this is a bias in the system, and implicitly agrees with Local Government New Zealand in calling for the removal of the right for ratepayers to demand a poll when a Maori ward is proposed.

Charters says another interesting aspect of the case is the extent to which the judiciary now takes into account of manaakitanga The Mayor correctly notes that the law enables ratepayers to demand a poll when a Maori ward is proposed, but not when geographical wards are created or modified.

The poor morsels have not been coping well because they all have no sense of humour or irony or self-reflection. Because you know, they know more about nuclear bombs or dentistry or flouride or vaccinations or than I do and it is jolly lucky for me they do, because it saves me having to guess or spend forever finding out.

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