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Weird science forgot to hook up the doll. 23 really bad font choices

Gary Wallace, that's absolutely gross.

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Goku's friends have all known since soon after they met him that he once transformed into a giant ape monster and killed his own adopted father, but they keep it a secret from him.

Are they all right? I sure as hell wouldn't want to date you.

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Lisa, we can't have him like that. The choice is yours. They're oppressive, meddlesome, difficult, demanding, and totally bizarre. And I didn't think it was a whale's dick, honey. You may also like.

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I'm not a moron. You've done plenty to your brother. Thinking that her sister is being too lenient on the foxes, she becomes confused when she reassures her that "It's fine if you're not honest, as long as you stay by my side.

It's my creation I do not know Ooh, my creation Is it real?

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We'll be in here. He's one serious idiot.

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Those guys are weird, but they're kinda cute. We were collecting my mother-in-law at the airport.

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The questions this raises can result in some Fridge Horror. I don't know, Wyatt. Your computer is a wimp. I want to get to the bottom of this, A. Your kitchen is blue.