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Then have children draw a large capital W on a sheet of drawing paper. If you cut something into quarters, you have four Watermelon paper plate craft sized pieces. While it is drying, take the saucer and trace a circle onto a piece of pink paper.

Paint the rim of the plate green.

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Parents are encouraged to take them home and post them where the child can see and practice every day. When we finish the entire alphabet they can make them into a book or put them into a binder You will need to cut down the construction paper if you want to put them into a binder.

Cut tear drop shapes out of a piece of black paper OR you can use a hole punch to punch black circles out. We found that a saucer worked perfectly you'll be using this object to trace a circle.

Just color the rim green and the inside red. When the paint is dry, glue the pink circle into the center of the plate and then glue the black seeds onto the pink.

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They don't have to be perfect! Talk to your child about "quarters". Carl's Corner Letter W - This comes with a sheet to color, cut, and paste to the letter. Add another line near theirs and close it in to make little worms all over the page.

You can leave one whole, cut one into halves and cut another into quarters. It is getting more and more difficult to find seeded watermelons in my area. You can make a few watermelons if doing this with a group or if you're having an energetic summer! We use ours to make a page like this for every letter Oyo boy sotto dating are learning from September through May.

Ask children to draw several small curved lines. Wait until the glue dries. Set the plate aside to dry. If you cut something in half you have two equal sized pieces.

Watermelon Scissor Skills and Paper Plate Craft | Scissor skills, Paper plate crafts and Scissors

Before you start crafting, look around the house for a round object that fits just inside the plate one that doesn't overlap the rim too much. These will be the watermelon seeds. Help them cut their watermelon in half. Help them gglue their seeds onto their letters. Glue on some black seeds cut from construction paper.

You can stop your project at this point if you like. Talk to your child about "half". Cut out the circle.

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Fold in half and staple shut. If you have images to go with your submission, please attach them to the same email. Privide children with napkins or small paper cups in chich to gather their seeds. Set the plate on the table as if you're going to eat from it. I have had some children in my class who have never seen a watermelon with black seeds!

When the glue is dry, children can practice "writing" W by running their fingers lightly over their textured letters.