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In Tomke Lask Ed. MURCH writes in an email to a colleague: Inman now leaves her of his own free will. Yet their efforts eventually are not without critique—Cold Mountain continues to suffer harsh judgements in terms of its romance even as it was complimented on excellence in other areas.

Speech, text and memory at the Iran-contra hearings.

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We use this vocabulary to provide an insight into what is a complex workflow. Social life under the microscope?

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An anthropology of reading. Laboratory technicians were involved in the digitisation process.

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Drivers drove back and forth between the film set and the lab, transporting Dating hypochondriac recorded footage. In a similar vein we turn to Walter MURCH because video, or to be more precise video and film analysis, is his routine work.

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Netflix, pho, and sleep outweighed the essay tonight. Or equally characters introduced at the outset become redundant because they never return. On the basis of reading these notes editor and director make further delicate adjustments to the edits.

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Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Work, 9, Wanting something just gives me the starting point. In watching actor's faces he came to appreciate that blinking occurred when the listener "gets the idea of what you are saying".

The production of a live TV-interview through mediated interaction.

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What MONDADA and others have initiated is a program of video analysis that shifts its focus toward video as the central object and means of inquiry. Video Analysis in vivo But why turn to a professional video editor's work to learn about video analysis?

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When cutting shots of people's faces MURCH found that he was often cutting at the exact point where they blinked.