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General Notices: USP

Where volumetric flasks or other exact measuring, weighing, or sorting devices are specified, this or other equipment of at least equivalent accuracy shall be employed. Such substances are regarded as unsuitable and are prohibited unless a they are harmless in the amounts used, b they do not exceed the minimum quantity required for providing their intended effect, c their presence does not impair the bioavailability or the therapeutic efficacy or safety of the official preparation, and d they do not interfere with the assays and tests prescribed for determining compliance with the Pharmacopeial standards.

It is the responsibility of the importer to provide SDSs in the required format, if different. It is necessary, therefore, that other precautions be taken by the dispenser to preserve the strength, quality, and purity of drugs that are repackaged for ultimate distribution or sale to patients.

However, despite our best efforts, some USP Reference Standards might occasionally be out of stock temporarily.

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The regulatory deadline for implementation was June 1, If a product is determined by USP to no longer meet the USP compendial requirements, USP will notify customers who purchased the product in the last 12 months that it is being withdrawn.

All available information can be found on the label of the AS Reference Standard. The method of choice in computing Big company hookup assigned value of a USP Reference Standard is a mass balance analysis using independently determined components such as moisture, solvent residues, inorganic residues, chromatographic impurities and ion content.

The mass balance approach also results in higher accuracy. The following guidelines and requirements are applicable where official dosage forms are repackaged into single-unit or unit-dose containers or mnemonic packs for dispensing pursuant to prescription.

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Authentic Substances were developed by USP as a service primarily to analytical, clinical, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories. Due to legal and scientific reasons, test results and data that are not included in these sources cannot be shared.

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Such added substances shall be regarded as suitable and shall be permitted unless they interfere with the assays and tests prescribed for determining compliance with Pharmacopeial standards.

Contact Reference Standards Technical Service rstech usp.

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See also Added Substances under Injections 1. If the product becomes available after 30 days, USP will send you a Notice of Availability to get your confirmation before shipping the order.

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However, under no circumstance should the repackaged pharmaceutical preparation's expiration date exceed the original manufacturer's expiration date. No additional data is publicly available. These are supplied by USP when they might not be generally commercially available or because they are necessary for the testing and are available only to the originator of the tests or assay.