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What a weird term they use. Be extremely suspicious if you are asked for money for transportation costs, communication fees or marriage processing and medical fees.

The guy using these photos seems to have hit the motherload of images.

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Here are the pics that the scammers used on another reader using the name Sgt Patrick Mcdonald. Claim to be Special Forces.

That enables him to use any name he wants while sending out the same photos to other women.

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I tried looking into this one, but there are so many Swains in the Army, but none of them with a first name Harry.

Military members can access their money from overseas.

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Soldier, immediately email CID at Army. I work in the Military and I am a Lieutenant, My work schedule is like a 24hour thing I dont have any schedule as we work round the clock here trying to keep peace here, I just have little time for myself here so you need to see how glad and excited to know that I would be back home next month.

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It was so painful to recall this memory at last i had no other choice than to go live with my Mother in Scotland United Kingdom as i felt needed someone around to help me through life difficulties before i can carry on myself you know what i mean. Report the theft to the Federal Trade Commission.

If they ask you for money -- even a loan, this is a scam. Honestly she is very nice, kind, caring and loving Mother anyone would pray to have. Complying with these requests often places the victim at risk financially and opens them up to the possibility of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Says he was in 24 years, wants to retire and marry his victims and has money aplenty. Have a great day and waiting for your message.

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These are not men who are in the United States military. Soldiers can pay for it themselves.

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I do not get angry. Similarly, scammers are profiting off of U. In fact it is true. Needs money to come home from down range.

German Bundeswehr army soldiers with the 3rd company of the Quick Reaction Force QRF take cover after detecting a suspicious site during their search for improvised explosive devices IEDs in Chahar Dara district on the outskirts of Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, May 12, Actually, we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders because of security reasons but I need a woman for myself.

My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field. At first, it was three thousand and I sent it. The have all come out of Saudi Arabia, but could easily be routed through there from Nigeria and other African nations.

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Others create identities off of British military members. The BBB says that even though Saddam is dead, people are apt to believe that his wealth is still circulating somewhere out there.

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Did I miss any? One minute, he is in Afghanistan and the next minute he is in Africa. Vicki Each week, I get letters by email, on my website, by Twitter and on Facebook from women who are sending money to Africa and Afghanistan to help service members come home.

Be aware of common spelling, grammatical or language errors in the emails.