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Unl honors program thesis. Honors program | college of engineering | university of nebraska–lincoln

A student thinking about doing a thesis must balance it with her or his final classes at UNL, applying for post-graduate education, or job-hunting. Please see further information about the college-based distinction process below.

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Begin by going to the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center Oldfather or to the Psychology Advising Office Burnett to pick up a copy of the forms and requirements for honors theses.

For December graduates, the prospectus is recommended no later than September 15, If you find a general research topic interesting, you will probably find yourself asking a variety of questions about the topic and about the data that you are collecting and analyzing.

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Don't worry about the exam. The University Honors program has a thesis requirement for completing that program. You should sign up for these 6 credits with your primary advisor during the periods when you expect to do the most intense work on the thesis.

I found that intermarriage, as demonstrated by primary source evidence of marriage announcements from a Wilbur, Nebraska newspaper, followed a similar pattern. Independent Study in Psychology are available for one or more semesters for those who wish to receive credit.

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Are there any disadvantages to writing a thesis? If you are doing survey work or use other pencil-and-paper methods of gathering data, include these documents as appendices.

These are research questions. See "Nature of the Comprehensive Exam" below. For further guidance, you may want to peruse copies of past theses in the department office.

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Your thesis should be written in any science journal format such as APA that your Supervisory Committee specifies. The advisers may request a written exam instead. Still, when all is said and done, these challenges can help make the achievement very fulfilling.

Students who have compiled a fine academic record with a GPA above 3.

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Whether an oral or written exam, the advisers will write a paragraph summarizing your performance. At some point these ideas need to go on paper.

When everything has been done, the advisers will submit your thesis, with the required forms, to the College. The thesis should be different in scope, not just greater in length, than a research paper for a class.

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During the first month and a half, wrap up loose ends and write the Unl honors program thesis. Usually both will be in political science, though students can have an adviser in another department or even another college. The thesis should also contain detailed methods and results sections, and a discussion of your results.

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A thesis may qualify a student for graduation with distinction from the College of Arts and Sciences. Consequently, it is possible for a student to have a GPA above the cutoff point and still not receive a recommendation for distinction.

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