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The chances of finding a legitimately single expat male in Uganda are few and far between — and Lord knows we look. My female friends and I were at a party one night when an attractive guy turned up — without female company.

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All you need to do is log-in with your Facebook account, and Tinder will upload your first name your photos, your interests, and your age from your profile to create a Tinder profile. Best of all, since the launch of the dating site in till now with the dating app, registration is free.

She abruptly turned her back on me before I could get a chance to say hello.

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There seems to be an app for pretty much everything nowadays. It was obvious by his look that I am on a hiding to nothing.

I bumped into a British expat acquaintance and his wife at a bar one night. Marriage is not such a serious matter here it seems. I recognised his wife and went to greet her.

None of them have turned out to be serious of course — and sums it up really. You can also tap on their profile picture to see any other photos they have, if mutual friends, or common interests you have. The Ask Me function lets user ask and answer about anything.

Just take out your iPhone or Android phone and download these top social networking dating apps.

5. POF – Free Dating Site

Conversations with newly arrived expats are no different, turning very quickly to enquiries as to whether you have brought your family with you. The advantage of POF is that the registration process does not link up with any social sites making it a non-phishing app.

She hardly knew me. From here it's only a matter of time — sometimes minutes — before the inevitable marriage proposal.

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Beautiful young Ugandan women — who may or may not be prostitutes, depending on the bar you frequent — will fall over themselves Uganda dating apps make you and your male friends the centre of attention. There are even dating apps to help out a guy or girl in need.

Really this should come as no surprise given how useful they are. The app has, basically, all the functions of their website in mobile form, including building your profile, checking out and rating other profiles, answering quizzes and chatting up potential dates.

Expat Life The drama of dating in Uganda With absent wives and 'side-dishes' on the menu, being a single Englishwoman in the east African country proved to be a tricky role to navigate for this expat Many expat men in Uganda have a wife at home and a girlfriend in Uganda By Charlotte Beauvoisin 6: The instruction was clear: A welcome feature is the ability to upload photos from your phone directly to your profile, which means that fantastic photo you took with the tiger from the zoo can be immediately set as your profile picture.

Users gain instant access to all the features including sending and receiving messages on the go with the mobile app, match with other singles and see who wants to meet you, as well as discover who viewed your profile and review your matches.

The typical male expat has it handed to him on a plate. When she had been on holiday in London, she found no end of available dates, but here in Kampala?

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More than 90 million users are hanging out, making new friends and chatting at MeetMe. Charlotte is still searching for the right man in Uganda At a function of expat old-timers, I asked a married male friend of mine to find me a boyfriend.

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We said hello and he gave me a peck on each cheek. Once the app suggests a match, users can choose to be a secret admirer, and if the profiles admire each other, they will be informed for chatting.