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Two friends dating experiment, editors' picks

Here are the rules:

However, when I do decide I really like someone, I am quick to jump into a relationship in Two friends dating experiment to test it out and see how it goes.

A man always has a motive. They will release one new entry a day -- the most recent entry is marked "Day I had wanted it for a while. Why traditional dating is dead "Tim is afraid of commitment, often dating many girls at once, and he's losing sight of what a healthy relationship means," the couple explains on the blog.

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Share this article Share In fact just one month after their time together Jessica met her husband, cinematographer Zac Mulligan. We will fill out the daily questionnaire and document everything 6.

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We didn't want to compromise, so it was a few months after we had the initial idea before we actually started because we kept going back and forth. The Experiment and it's already been optioned for a movie.

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They also decided that they wouldn't date anyone else while taking part. Goodman and Walsh spoke to CNN separately about the online dating project and the age-old question, can men and women really just be friends?

Why'd you choose to do the project with each other? The chemicals increases energy, increases focus, and helps make us feel fucking awesome all the time. They would fill out a daily questionnaire and document everything.

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Was there always an attraction? The rules held us accountable. I can honestly say I've never been more aroused in my life than I was at that moment.

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They would see each other every day for 40 days. He thinks I am too forgiving and empathetic, and that I've let friends or past lovers take advantage of this.

We're very different though; I'm more outgoing, she's more reserved. I wanted every single part of her, but there was so much guilt. You're obviously both creative people, and the site itself is very artistically driven.

Was there some secret or some tacit agreement about not dating a sister's friend or a best friend's brother that I wasn't privy to at all?

It was just the right time when we started talking about it.