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Powerpress also comes with a slew of options around controlling your RSS feed, allowing you to work with multiple feeds should you need to have more than one podcast on the one site.

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So how do both platforms differ in the services they offer here? Space Goat - a parody radio sci fi performed by the breakfast show's Jay and the Doctor which Triple j hook up podcast many features of early radio science fictions such as a long intro for very little story which leaves many questions open, which the narrator spends some time pointing out at the end.

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Online and jtv[ edit ] In MayArnold Triple j hook up podcast, the only remaining member of the original Double Jay staff ofstepped down after 28 years as Triple J music director.

The player is fully customisable and displays your cover art either your series artwork, or an episode specific coveralong with share buttons, a full episode playlist, and a download button.

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It is also notable that Triple J was for many years routinely used as a free market research facility by commercial stations. Remember your coupon code when signing up to get a free month: It is believed that Double Jay was the first radio station in the world to play their debut single "Rock Lobster".

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The final J-File was aired in November In this instance, a 10min episode would be just under 10MB. It is also said that this has affected the cultivation of musical diversity on the Unearthed program.

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Although as he did at 2SM, Chapman maintained and strengthened the station's commitment to live music. As mainstream pop radio struggled to establish itself on the FM band, commercial stations like those owned by Austereo constantly monitored what songs and acts were doing well on Triple J and would then introduce the most 'saleable' of them into their own playlists.

The first on-air presenter, DJ Holger Brockmannnotably used his own name a deliberate reference to his former work for top-rated Sydney pop station 2SM.

Hosted by Peter Garrettan Australian musician with Midnight Oil and former federal Environment Minister, the list of performers, all of whom are the beneficiaries of the station's support, included: They released their own WordPress plugin in which allows direct uploading to Libsyn servers via the WordPress editor.

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This began to change almost as soon as Double Jay came on air. Hack radio program Hack is Triple J's half-hour news and current affairs show, broadcast from In Austin published a recollection from Colin Vercoe, one of the station's first music programmers: Austin states that the original aim of 2JJ was to highlight "our own culture" and the staff were expected to "provide an alternative to the mainstream, with a heavy emphasis on Australian content".

The Breakfast Show also featured two radio serials presented by The Sandman: Ross and Terri Ross and Terri broadcast weekdays at lunch times, for two 2-week periods, over summer and Each Friday afternoon features a guest DJ set.

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If an app is important to you, and you want to have it included in your hosting, Libsyn is the way to go. It is a weekly broadcast of live music, of a number of forms - open air festivals, smaller concerts, or acoustic performances in the studio.

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They regularly Jocelyn the face dating reality star contact with Jay during his overseas travel, calling him during a segment named Where in the World is Jason "Jay" Whalley, a pun on Where's Wally?

The show features Jay and the DoctorJohn Safranand various sound clips of famous people taken from recorded interviews such as Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. Gen Fricker is currently filling in for Veronica Milsom who is on maternity leave.

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