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This was not meant to be a dating story, we're not dating!!

Let them go and give them the space they want. But at the back of my mind, I always pictured me and my ex getting married. I was very impatient when I was young, and it was very hard for me to wait for the time to come. We noticed that we grew up separately, and now we could communicate better and understand each other like adults.

She lost her positivity.

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He had always been anti-social…an introvert. She went out of her way to stand by him in whatever he undertook.

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But her warmth did start paying off after a bit. She kept on forgiving him.

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His lies followed a certain pattern. I was very surprised. I might not be meant to be with him.

Soulmates… we were meant to be together

My husband and I met in college and it was an instant attraction. They both cried in isolation. They both love each other.

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It seemed that things would work out. All she needed was he.

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Be patient — only the universe knows the perfect timing!! It felt miraculously good to me. At the end of the summer my parents family set up a blind date with a Korean doctor.

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