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Dean has used dendochronology the study of annual growth ring sequences in tree trunks to determine when droughts occurred and how long they lasted. The origin of the Thai and Thai- Dai- related people is matter of some debate. The remains were recovered from a collapsed limestone cave in Yingkou county, Liaoning.

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A number of Thais became mercenaries for the Khmer armies in the early 12th century, as depicted on the walls of Angkor Wat. And the level of methane, an even more powerful greenhouse gas, is percent higher, said Thomas Stocker, a climate researcher at the University of Bern and senior member of the European ice-coring team that wrote two papers based on the core.

Of especial importance was the growing use of bronze, for weapons and personal ornament in the earlier phase but spreading to more utilitarian applications in the later phases. In he finally found some waterlogged timbers at Flag Fen, a bog near the present-day city of Peterborough.

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A new analysis of sediment on Java suggests that animal fossils on the island date to betweenandyears ago, providing a possible framework for when H. Olduvai Gorge, an early hominid site in Tanzania, was found by a butterfly hunter who literally fell into its deep valley in For example, during a period of over years beginning in about BC, a distinctive shell-ornamented pottery known to archaeologists as Lapita ceramics spread widely from one island to another in the southwestern Pacific.

Subsurface stone may indicate the presence of buried buildings, and soil moisture differences can reveal ancient crop fields.

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The Tool-Making Process Mousterian Man was able to standardize the tool-making process and thus introduce greater efficiency, possibly through division and specialization of labour. This method is known as ethnoarchaeology. Other objects come up to the surface when previously built-up sediments are eroded by weather, or they may be brought up by burrowing animals.

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These growth rings fluctuate in width from year to year, depending on annual rainfall. The greater the effect of the retreating ice on the environment of a region, the longer the Mesolithic era lasted.

Chronological data can provide information such as how the use of a new style of pottery or type of weapon spread from one region to another over time.

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According to some their ancestors are mentioned in historical records dating back to the A. Everyone classifies objects—we know the difference, for example, between eating utensils and automobiles. The Chaco road system was almost invisible on the ground without the help of air photographs. Paintings and Stencil Art Local Period:

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