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The paradox of choice online dating, 5 valkuilen waar ook jouw ondernemersbrein intrapt – en hoe ze te vermijden

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This suggests that the cortex is functionally specialized for Hon matchmaking takes too long. Baron-Cohen has in turn suggested the high fetal testosterone of autistic boys may lead to excessive microglial pruning.

Consistent with this discovery, Trivers noted that, because an X-chromosome spends twice as much time in women as it does in men, a sexually antagonistic gene that benefited female fertility could survive even if it had twice as large a deleterious effect on male fertility.

In complete contrast to the essentially serial nature of the digital computer despite attempts to introduce some relatively trivial parallel architecture, the overweening paradigm for the central nervous system is 'parallel distributed processing'.

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The chemical modifiers may have been precursors of the amine-based neurotransmitters which span acetyl-choline, serotonin, catecholamines and the amino acids such as glutamate and GABA, several of which have a potentially primal status chemically. Most left-handed people, have the same cerebral lateralization as right-handed people.

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But dealing with this new digital romantic world can be a lot of work. There is however no doubt that adult steroid manipulations do alter human behavior and both the behavior and the neural structure of other species.

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An Italian team has reported that serotonin levels in the blood plummet in people who fall in love New Scientist, 31 July If all these excitations can occur simultaneously in the excitable cell, its quantum-chaotic excitation could represent a form of cellular synaesthesia, which is specialized in representing each individual sense mode.

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But Derek of simply clicked an X on a web-browser tab and deleted her without thinking twice. Eddington pointed out that the uncertainty of position of a vesicle is approximately the width of the membrane. Obviously a sexual dimorphism present at birth could not be due to sex differences in experience or social stimulation.

R uses fMRI to explore which brain areas become activated when men and women view erotic films.


As a result, male mice have twice the density of excitatory synapses in the preoptic The paradox of choice online dating as females, and this positively correlates with expression of male copulatory behavior in adulthood. Like all drugs, though, this high wears off after 12 to 18 months.

In prairie voles oxytocin in females and vasopressin in males are linked to parental care of the newborn Angier, Blum pp CAH females have slightly masculinized genitalia and this effect could also be due to differences in their social experience, because of family or personal gender confusion.

Imitation may be based on a mechanism directly matching the observed action onto an internal motor representation of that action.


By comparison with other species, which are often primed by chemical or other overt cues of estrus of a specific programmed nature which drives reproductive opportunity, humans have a subtle and complex set of cues for sexual attraction. In a study of 25 heterosexuals of each sex and 20 homosexuals also of each sex by Savic and Lindstrom R found that cerebral and amygdala asymmetries of the homosexual group reflected those of the opposite sex in heterosexuals.

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Baron-Cohen has found that autistic girls also have brain activity more like the male brain. Consistent with this picture, the mid-brain centers, which researchers seek to identify with specific sexual behaviors, such as sexual orientation, are less clearly defined in humans than in rats and other mammals with clearly defined mating patterns.