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The Office-isms

It was revealed in a photo album on NBC that they have three children and are expecting their fourth child. Michael claims that "Oh, I'm working on a new one.

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We see Jim in a manager role again in " Night Out " when he plans to save everyone else from coming into work on Saturday to help with Ryan's website by staying late to do the work, a plan that is met with success until they find the gate locked with them still inside.

Michael and Jan begin dating, become an official couple, and eventually move in together after Jan is fired from her job, though Jan usually treats Michael with contempt. In " Lecture Circuit ", Jim and Dwight attempt to plan a party for high maintenance Kelly when they forget her birthday.

For example, when he burns his foot in " The Injury ", he expects Pam and Ryan to tend to his needs, despite Dwight's much more serious concussion. He came from a relatively difficult childhood of loneliness, describing to Jan's child Astrid that she will be able to survive not having a father figure around because he was in that position as a child.

Jim and Michael's conversation from the Pilot is heard as the employees watch the premiere of the documentary, The Office: After successfully convincing her husband of her cats' practical uses as farm animals, Angela's side-business "Kitty-Butter" has gained marginal local success.

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He drives a silver Sebring convertible for the first three seasons until he trades it in with Jan's Volvo for a shared Porsche Boxster in the episode " Money ". This creates tension between Jim and Pam, and Jim feels terrible about his apparent role in Pam's parents' split.

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Karen, who had previously been oblivious to Jim and Pam's history, accidentally learns of Jim's feelings for Pam during a sales call with Phyllis. Cathy is also revealed to have ulterior motives for the trip, as she intends to seduce Jim, but fails.

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He creates a thoughtful and romantic scrapbook for Pam's mom, Helene, for her birthday when he is dating her, showing he is a very romantic character. Classy Santa wears an untraditional Kangaroo-style Santa hat, a black dress shirt, a red smoking jacket, dress slacks, and smokes a pipe.

He is then seen during the reception showing pictures of his kids to Pam. As it turned Dating christian way, her father had never felt that way with her mother.

Pam attributes this to a passion for Italian food, which Jim confirms and says that he is "in love with Italian food", implying he is in love with Pam.

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Jim briefly transfers to Stamford branch after Pam confirms her commitment to Roy. This is only repaired after he breaks up with Helene and allows Pam to slap him in the face in the parking lot.

Starting with a one-night stand after they closed their business deal at Chili's in " The Client " which featured guest star Tim Meadows as the eponymous clientMichael and Jan begin awkward dating, become an official couple, and eventually move in together after Jan is fired from her job — although it should be noted that Jan usually treated Michael with contempt.

In the series finaleMichael is the best man at Dwight's wedding after Jim arranges it.

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Jim attempts to combine all of the birthday parties into one big party, to save time. However, after David Wallace witnesses them kissing, Holly is transferred to the Nashua branch and she and Michael break up after choosing not to pursue a long-distance relationship.

Scott's need to be liked by his staff and his belief that people see him as a genuine friend leads him to become very hurt when he realizes this is not the case. Well, am I wrong? He states that "[he] got it the week after [they] started dating". During " Nepotism ", Toby is able to deduce that Luke, the surly, universally disliked intern is Michael's nephew.

Pam, Tom and Pete arrive early and plan a prank on Jim. She is shy, but in many cases a cohort with Jim in his pranks on Dwight. In the seventh-season episode " The Seminar ", Michael in fact briefly meets David Brent in the lobby and they establish an immediate rapport, joking together and generally signalling that they would have been good friends.

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In a conversation with Michael at the end of episode, Michael reveals that he did in fact try to combine all the birthday parties earlier in his time as regional manager. They take him to see Andy and Jim later convinces Kevin to stop talking like that.

The season starts with a brief flashback to the last episode of season 2, "Casino Night", when Jim kissed Pam and confessed his feelings for her.

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