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Whatever is wrong with good old-fashioned no-nonsense titles, that did what it said on the tin?

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Stitch is the real-life version of speed dating over 50; through our service, meeting people is quick and simple. The 18th century saw an expansion of England's role in the Atlantic trade in Africans taken for slavery to the Americas.

The tidal Avon Gorge, which had secured the port during the Middle Ages, had become a liability.

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I bet someone knows! Changing down from second whilst on the move would have been impossible without removing both hands from the steering wheel. The 8 and the 12, the latter taking a circuitous route via Daubhill, Little Hulton, Walkden, Roe Green and Worsley taking a scheduled 55minutes against the rather tightly timed 38 minutes of the more direct 8.

Also, publishing houses are now using the sales figures of self-published authors as a tool to seek out new talent.

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Living in Ottershaw, I am often in and around Chobham but have not seen them in service there yet. If your date seems to be talking about him or herself for far too long, try to chime in with a relatable experience you have had or an interest you have in common.

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Maybe it is now, with Kingston being lost to Greater London! It does seem remarkable that Surrey CC has been unable to find suitable premises for relocation in 48 years.

The width of the short bay and the jack knife doors are too similar making the rear of the lower deck look unbalanced compared to the rest of the well proportioned design.

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The new railway replaced the Kennet and Avon Canalwhich had fully opened in as the main route for the transport of goods between Bristol and London. When riding in preserved vehicles of the types that feature heavily on this site it makes me cringe when novice drivers are let loose with The living room bristol speed dating general public on board happily crunching gears, coasting in neutral around tightening bends, roundabouts etc, staying in top gear while descending hills etc.

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Driving schools do have their own agendas, and perhaps taught drivers to make fewer gearchanges so that the potential for getting them wrong My girlfriend is dating two guys reduced.

While 2nd or even 3rd gear setoffs are clearly possible it is neither best practice nor mechanically sympathetic. An —09 plan to improve the city's port with a floating harbour designed by William Jessop was a costly error, requiring high harbour fees.

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There are specialists in areas from Formula One to oil rig equipment but the most well known true logistics companies are FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT who, apart from transporting packages have worldwide contracts to move sensitive equipment and data for major corporations and governments in a way that ordinary post and parcel handling would not offer.

Because of Bristol's nautical environment, maritime safety was an important issue in the city.

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Bristol's location on the west side of Great Britain gave its ships an advantage in sailing to and from the New World, and the city's merchants made the most of it. Bear in mind also that vehicles generally were lower powered than they are today, had fewer gears, had a relatively low top speed, and had components that were generally over-engineered.

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On the radiator subject I only ever remember the radiator was far forward and was informed at the time it was because of the longer engine. Thank you too Phil for your comments as to the true meaning of logistics. History of Bristol and Timeline of Bristol Robert Ricart's map of Bristol, drawn when he became common clerk of the town in My first encounter with the forward entrance Leylands was on the 73 from Whitefield to Victoria, a pleasure to drive.

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The University of the West of England are offering delegates special access to their Crime Scene experts who train Forensic Science students and police. Keep your spirits up! The poet Thomas Chatterton popularised a derivation from Brictricstow linking the town to Brictricthe last king of Wessex.

Philip Patterson heads up the book department at Marjacq Scripts. Ronnie Hoye Thanks Ronnie — I do totally useless trivia!