Sebastian Stan: Tom Hiddleston's Taylor Swift Relationship Concerned Me Sebastian Stan: Tom Hiddleston's Taylor Swift Relationship Concerned Me

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There's an extraordinary effect that music has on people, it creates such joy immediately. He probably thought, Well, now, that ought to put an end to it.

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I think perhaps people tend to group all fans of everyone all together and make them Swift dating loki homogeneous amorphous beast driven only by adoration. Even if he had researched what he was signing up for, he didn't really know what was in store.

But yeah, I've been getting a lot of attention.

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News by Saburo Published on 01 Sep, Tom Hiddlestonwho people better know as Loki, the character he plays in Marvel Fat guy dating like Thor, was only recently getting away from all the limelight that was upon him from dating Taylor Swift- when the pop goddess featured the infamous 'I love T.

Was she talking about Tom Hiddleston?

Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift

But there's a reason why, despite being rumored for the part, he doesn't need to play James Bond. Yes, the rumors started when the couple was seen together in many times, Olsen denied the rumors to Refinery29 saying: Everyone is entitled to a private life.

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Is Tom Hiddleston dating anyone? He Was Hiding in Plain Sight: You know, you read about things, but He might even be seeing someone or might just be happy staying single.

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E news Elizabeth Olisen and Tom Hiddleston The list doesn't stop here, Tom Hiddleston was also rumored to be dating Jessica Chastain, the actress denied the relationship, however, an insider told Dailymail in In attending the promotional activities of his recent film Kong: The Dark World right out from under Chris Hemsworth.

Splash News No, Thank You: As all James Bond movies end, so does ours with a reflection on the revelation that Tom Hiddleston was photographed kissing newly single Taylor Swift—a tall blond with legs for days who is fashionable, fierce and famously hard to pin down.

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E news Kat Dennings and Tom Hiddleston The couple was only spotted once and weren't seen together after that. And those two things are separate. I didn't even know I could.

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And the hardest thing is to try to not let those falsehoods affect your own life, that's what I would say. You know, it's interesting.

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He Saw the Light: And we happened to be at a restaurant at a wrong time having dinner. With nothing but hair, a fancy waistcoat and quirky cleverness, he completely and utterly stole every scene in Thor and Thor: But, all of Taylor's and Hiddleston's fans, and haters, alike, are curious to know if Loki is dating anyone low-key after his 3-month stint with Swift.

I just don't see how it could work, so I don't think about it, and I kind of run from it when it presents itself 'cause I don't think any guy really Marvel didn't intend for that to happen, did it?

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It is actually no wonder that Tom Hiddleston is not willing to talk about Taylor Swift, media makes it into such a big deal.

He Got the Girl: