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Two tubes are screwed into the holes and they are difficult to remove sometimes without stripping the threads.

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Some people think you should drive away immediately having heard it from an old Porsche mechanic while others disagree but how long should you wait? The actual setting depends on the specific distributor and the engine.

Typically a lot comes out and when it stops the engine is warmed up enough to have burned it all off. Well, engines have to idle anyway and that advice only applies to a new engine.

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Any modern engine like a VW won't leak more oil just because you switch to synthetic. I also suspect that because the two springs inside have different spring rates they can fine tune the settings during manufacture.

Testing the vacuum can is very important. As the engine heats up and expands the rattling ceases. You can't rev the engine at idle and watch the advance because this is not the same as pressing the gas pedal under load. Now, do you really want to drive the engine in this condition? After removing the tubes you need to plug the holes and the best way to do it is with a 10x1 valve adjusting screw and some Loctite Retard works the opposite: If you have FI, you'll have to avoid using the pedal otherwise the ECU will exit its cold start mode and the idle rpms will drop even though the engine is cold.

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Feel the engine tin that covers the cylinders. The FI version has a blind hole near intake 3 for the temp sensor II. Therefore cool dry air is denser than cool wet air. When the engine is first started it's cold and when the engine reaches operating temperature it's warm.

Now what if your retard is broken? Water has an approximate atomic weight of The throttle body gasket which is made of rubber goes hard and can be the source of a vacuum leak.

This takes several minutes to achieve even after you've driven off right away.

If you want to know how much advance will causing pinking, I've always been afraid to find out but I'll take a guess it occurs at 48 degrees. Avogadro's law states that for a given volume at a fixed temperature and pressure the same number of molecules exist no matter what gas is used.

So, what is the safe maximum total advance? I prefer to wait until the idle rpms have at least settled down below rpm is the idle spec for my engine when warm.