Suits Finale: Should Donna and Harvey Have Gotten Together? Suits Finale: Should Donna and Harvey Have Gotten Together?

Suits donna and harvey dating, darvey romance: what are the odds?

Per Carter Matt, the synopsis for the upcoming episode entitled "The Statue," reveals that Harvey will be making a bold move that would cause him issues with his partners. It's always a delicious, rich episode. The publication notes on the possibility that this "bold move" entails either Harvey promoting Donna as a senior partner or Harvey pursuing a romantic relationship with his therapist, Paula.

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Season 7 will have six more episodes and what Donna did will probably affect how things develop till the end. She needs a grown Jc and lia dating. What are you most excited for people to see in this episode?

She looked at him and what I found in the moment was that she kind of dug around and was like, "I don't think it means you.

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At the same time, the possibility of promoting Donna as his partner has been opened up. That has always been the obstacle for them When we get to this number in a season like a or awe're just two episodes away from the finale. She's not going to move forward into a job where anyone could misinterpret her being there on the fact that she slept with someone.

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I've gotten to bask in being really proud of all that he is and all that he's become and all of where he's going During the said episode, Harvey admitted that he was open to the possibility of dating Paula.

She wanted the title.

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Do we shoot on the weekends? Click to read more. It's really comfortable while at the same time being super psyched and proud of your friend. That was a really beautiful scene.

Then came Mike advising her to go and tell Harvey how she feels about him. Does all of that mean that Harvey is the one Donna wants, though?

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We've shared that with each other. The odds to see Donna and Harvey, whom fans aptly call "Darvey," pursue a romantic relationship on "Suits" Season 7 are equally split in half.

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First, she was unprepared for the trial where Malik embarrassed her on the stand and made it look like she would do just anything for Harvey, even break the law. What are the odds?

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This could mean the end of Jessica's friendship with Harvey, Louis, Mike and the rest of the team from the firm. I don't think she's realizing she wants Harvey, necessarily.

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Season 6 finale had a similar cliffhanger when Donna told Harvey she wanted more. It just gave it a wonderful energy that Patrick was directing it. She didn't want to be a business person so she said, "I'm going to have to figure that out.

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