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With Eric, as Straight edge dating stoner befriended each other as children, dated as teens, and continue with a Will They or Won't They? And two girls" but then she starts enjoying it. He was 6 years younger than me was dating my gf's roommate.

Has a fling with Eric that over time turns serious.

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J took a ruler from the desk and laid it on top. Me and my gf was shocked. He told me average was 7" long and as big around as a can of red bull. A redhead with an outgoing personality, until she dyed it blonde in Season 7. Both knew I was looking them over and they didn't mind.

My gf asked J how big it was.

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Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Donna, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? Dan found out but did not let me play with his hose. After Eric leaves, she starts dating a new guy named Randy.

My gf became curious and asked me if I had seen his dick. When he turned around I seen a soap covered monster cock wiggling back and forth as he washed his hair.

Later I asked him how big it was when flaccid. I told him it looked like David and Goliath.

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We had graduated from the same highschool just different years and we loved to play cards while getting stoned and drunk. He was caught masturbating in the bathroom by Donna in one episode and then blames her because she doesn't want to have sex with him.

He was OK with me playing with it. After s workout we where all about to hit the showers and one guy as he dropped his bike shorts and basket balls shirts had the biggest softess cock I had ever seen. His gay friend introduce him to oral sex due to his size.

J was so stoned and drunk he was doing a strip dance for the girls when he took them off. Most of his humor comes from his stupidity, and his proclivity for pratfalls. It was heavy and the more he danced the bigger it got until it stuck out from his body and swelled to full size.

The Forman Rage is strong in this one, as Red proudly pointed out.

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Jacob continued his shower never closing the curtain. Moore has actually kept insanely busy since then. This is what made her briefly hook up with the roguish-but-selfish Casey Kelso. Honey, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? If he ever chooses to address any of this, we'll just have no choice but to take his word for it.