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It rush up my money fast. In my experience i got 3 stars. But first you must be engaged. Alyssa Get fans after wardrobe change If you are at 11 level, spend money on buying a new dress bluea purse and ear ring around total around at the same time.

Audition for him and you will get the job of a short shift. But make sure when it is Hazelkitty Get Energy Faster If you run out of energy, downtown, at the coast, the valley etc.

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You can't go above your max. If you're C-List and below and you're not working on project walk around different areas ex.

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Then the news report will come on and you will get even more fans! Downtown, The Hills and click on cars, trash cans, microwaves in Starbeans, birds, the pool table in the Leaky Cantina, different paintings and awards in Max's office, etc.

To avoid being dumped, click the date button at any restaurant, bar, etc. So, thank you thank you thank you for the date. How to do it, is just go to any restaurant or club and search anyone that you haven't see and introduce to. There you can go to the black widow infinitum will work to but black widow has higher prices click the date button once you are inside then start the date, make sure you have a lot of money first.

I started dating him non stop.

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How can I meet her? Say you get the energy win 3 energy symbols, which give you 3 energy. DON'T let them be picked up automatically, especially if you're waiting on energy.

Remember that you can only invite anyone that has the same list with you, or lower list with you.

2. Use Your Charm to Get What You Want

Stardom How to resign energy quick When you do a movie and then you realise you only have a bit of energy left you can go out into the streets and click birds, bins e. A list Free xp money and energy Ok so if you go around to the cities and stuff you know, places like downtown. The other is in Cecile's Castle, it's the cigar on the roulette table.

You'll get more fans and achieve goals for extra XP! Clcick on it and make sure you can still see the house button near the 7. Go to a place where you can have dates and pick who ever it is and go out!

1. Complete Tasks and Find Hidden Rewards

Avoid clicking the speech bubble. So, remember that don't forget to date Stardom walkthrough dating him or greet him. For each one you pick up, 5 seconds will be taken off your energy timer. Then go to Annie and start a new project. Get to a dating level Dating level 1, 2,3 ect When you get to the last "heart" of a dating level, a green box at the bottom will say "Dating level 1 completed" or something.

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Think your game has a glitch or missing something? This makes it much easier to level up and buy the things you want to buy. There you get introduced to Max bling.

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