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If a single unit or building is selected, the area at the bottom left shows the actions the object can perform and all completed upgrades that apply to this type of unit or building.

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The Human Town Hall and Orc Great Hall produce basicworkers that dig gold from mines and chop wood from forests and then deliver them to their Halls. Reign of Chaos, released inused parts ofWarcraft Adventures' characters and storyline and extended the gameplay used in Warcraft II.

We should kill it.


Soon, all will be drenched in its life blood. Something has changed, the last prison weakens.

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It was thought his kind was incorruptible. Not all his schemes came to fruition, but those that did caused untold ruin. I was used in a sacrifice of many creatures in a place like this.

The research into the Void here is commendable, but ultimately futile. So much death here, so much power. Her mother was more impressive.

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However, some have other objectives, such as rescuing troops or forts, or escorting important characters through enemy territory. The towers of sacrifice in Ny'alotha dwarf these pathetic temples. A Legion brute obliterating priceless knowledge. Economy and war Warcraft II requires players to collect resources, and to produce buildings and units in order to defeat an opponent in combat.

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While I relish a healthy lust for power, this one fumbles for it like an amateur. Xavius' tricks are cunning.

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Its shell is nearly impregnable. Another nameless brute of Sargeras pretending to aid these elves.

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Come, let us taste his soul. So much effort, so much bluster, only to delay the inevitable victory of their betters. For this idiotic pustule of N'Zoth to have lived so long It took ages to make my return to the surface after the Sundering.