Locomotive Magazine and Railway Carriage and Wagon Review Volume 41 () Locomotive Magazine and Railway Carriage and Wagon Review Volume 41 ()

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London John Nicholas Woolf.

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London Ms Deborah Moggach. Kent Robert Thomas Edwards. For political service in Warwickshire.

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For services to Higher Education and Business. Director, The Fruitmarket Gallery. Leading club administrators were: Stretham, Cambridgeshire Professor Clive Behagg.

Chief executive, The Carbon Trust. For services to UK Industry. Gilding Conservator, Royal Collection Trust.

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This dimension should be made as large as possible on account of the marked improvements effected, both in riding and in guiding qualities, as the wheelbase is lengthened. For services to Schizophrenia Research and Treatments. The feast began and continued for a short time, and when the Mari Llwyd moved away the leader found contributions of money in his collecting bag.

For services to the Scouting Movement and the Vine Trust. For services to the Civil Engineering Profession. For services to Surgery in the NHS.


Nasser had first broached the subject of buying weapons from the Soviet Union in It was said that a converted player stood in one of the local chapels at Kenfig Hill and cried "I used to play full back for the devil, but now I'm forward for God.

For services to Army Personnel. Favourable factors included the severe gradients, congestion and the high cost of steam motive power in this area.

London Professor Charanjt Bountra.

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For voluntary political service. Chief executive, Social Mobility Foundation. For services to the community in Dumfries. Belfast Ms Christine Rosemary Collins. President the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Despite these hardships there were many enjoyable times to be had in Kenfig Hill during this era - a feature of one of these hardships was the distances that players had to walk from the changing room to meet their opponents on the playing fields.

London Dr Shabana Rounak Haque. Founder, London Children's Ballet. Chairman, Scotframe Timber Engineering Ltd. For services to Business and Philanthropy.

Considerable scrapping of Claughtons, Princes, and in. Volunteer, the Thalidomide Trust. For services to the Post Office and to Equality and Diversity. For services to Military Aviation.

Secretary, Lightburn Elderly Association Project. The photograph reproduced shows a group of seven locomotives used on the Eastern Bengal Railway for its heavy suburban service in the Calcutta environs, including five of the transferred engines.

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Newtownards, Down Alec George Collyer. After he returned to Washington, Dulles advised Eisenhower that the Arab states believed "the United States will back the new state of Israel in aggressive expansion.

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Cults, Aberdeenshire Professor Richard Sennett.