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In he elevated Maximian as Augustus of the western half where he ruled mostly from Mediolanum Current day Milan when not on the move. He gave governors more fiscal duties and placed them in charge of the army logistical support system as an attempt to control it by removing the support system from its control.

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The emperor quickened the process of removing military command from governors. Grain distribution to 80, ticket holders at the same time suggestsAugustus set the number ator one-fifth of the population.

The large baths of Constantine on the Quirinale were even repaired in ; and the extent of the damage exaggerated and dramatized according to "Rome, An Urban History from Antiquity to the Present", Rabun Taylor, Katherine W.

Peter 's and St. He transformed the town of Byzantium into his new residence, which however, was not officially anything more than an imperial residence like Milan or Trier or Nicomedia until given a city prefect in May by Constantius II; Constantinople.

Subsidized state grain distributions to the poorer members of society continued right through the 6th century and probably prevented the population from falling further "Rome, Urban History", pp. After his victory, Caesar established himself as dictator for life.

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There was the so-called Gallic Empire from and the revolts of Zenobia and her father from the mids which sought to fend off Persian incursions. He ended the Principate Edinburgh dating sites free introduced the so-called dominate which tried to give the impression of absolute power.

The appointment of a Caesar was not unknown: Etruscans, Latins, VolsciAequiMarsi. He funded the building of several churches and allowed clergy to act as arbitrators in civil suits a measure that did not outlast him but which was restored in part much later.

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These were the times of Theodora and her daughter Maroziaconcubines and mothers of several popes, and of Crescentiusa powerful feudal lord, who fought against the Emperors Otto II and III.

The figure of , is based on the amount of pork, 3, lbs.

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Henceforth civilian administration and military command would be separate. Constantine called the Great undertook a major reform of the bureaucracy not by changing the structure but by rationalizing the competencies of the several ministries during the years after he defeated Licinius, emperor in the East at the end of Its population declined from more than a million in AD toin [43] to 35, after the Gothic War[44] reducing the sprawling city to groups of inhabited buildings interspersed among large areas of ruins, vegetation, vineyards and market gardens.

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Some regions—Britain, Spain and North Africa -were hardly affected. It is generally thought the population of the city until A.

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AnnibaldiCaetaniColonnaOrsiniContinested in their fortresses built above ancient Roman edifices, fought each other to control the papacy. The population of the city had fallen fromtoby the time the city was sacked in by Gensericking of the Vandals.

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The population decline coincided with the general collapse of urban life in the West in the 5th and 6th centuries, with few exceptions.

He was the last emperor of a unified empire: The so-called Edict of Milan ofactually a fragment of a Letter from Licinius to the governors of the eastern provinces, granted freedom of worship to everyone including to Christians and ordered the restoration of confiscated church properties upon petition to the newly created vicars of dioceses.

The Bishops of Rome were also seen and still are seen by Catholics as the successors of Peter, who is considered the first Bishop of Rome.

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After the Lombard invasion of Italythe city remained nominally Byzantine, but in reality the popes pursued a policy of equilibrium between the Byzantinesthe Franks and the Lombards. After the end of the Severan Dynasty in the Empire entered into year period known as the Crisis of the Third Century during which there were numerous putsches by generals who sought to secure the region of the empire they were entrusted with due to the weakness of central authority in Rome.

Diocletian tried to turn into a system of non-dynastic succession.

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