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James mentiones that Maya is a year older than him and he was fifteen during the events of the first game. These were both corrected in the volume version: It's heavily implied in the episode mentioned above that she is much more than she's letting on, only masquerading as a common soldier.

Supergirl also went through a recent birthday that, logically, would have been her 18th, but her age was not mentioned and she seems to be kept in the same "late teens" range as Stargirl and Wonder Girl.

Steins;Gateof all thingshas a pretty serious error when it comes to Ruka's message.

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In the Buu saga, thirteen years later, his age is given as 16 when he should be chronologically 17, physically Because being affiliated with one natural disaster related mascot wasn't enough, I took a job in the tiny, oil field town of Drumright, Oklahoma.

Speed is only concerned with how much ground you've covered in the time you've been driving. Jason is visibly drawn in his early days as about the same age as Grayson was at the start of his career as Robin, but only a few years younger than Dick now — meaning Jason's aged around ten years in about half that time.

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Particularly Mantricker's timeline, the era between Goodtree's rule and Bearclaw becoming chief, makes no sense whatsoever anymore. In the end, he throws away one and returns after a while to find a big pile of cookies.

ElfQuest 's timeline is by now properly beyond all help, because of too many authors Running the Asylum. Having been devastated twice by a tornado, the school adopted the tornado as its mascot.

I'm a proud graduate of The University of Tulsa. And, then as a result of this media coverage, the town I live in presented me with a key to the city and proclaimed it Sarah Hagan Day.

While you could potentially construe this as her lying about her age out of vanity, Mai of the Pilaf gang, who was turned into a child along with Pilaf and Shu and trying to blend in with the party, accidentally says her real age is 41—despite clearly being older than twelve when she's first introduced.

In the original Japanese, which birthday this was isn't stated, but in the dub, he had just turned six.

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Last year, my biggest class has 22 in it. Team Achilles cyborg baddie Ivana Baiul says her brain is located inside her torso, surrounded by "eight inches of solid diamondsteel".

Gohan's age at the start of the series is four.

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In fact, I think this tiny town and its amazing people may have stolen my heart. Puzzles About Me Hi there! The eponymous objects can't be used for one year after they grant a wish, but only 8 months pass in between the first use in the series and the second one.

And, the class sizes are amazing!

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In Asterix and the Roman Agent, Convolvulus tells the legionaries of Aquarium that they outnumber the Gauls twenty to one.

In the DC Rebirth era, it's explicitly stated that Kate Kane is 27 years old and has been Batwoman for only two years. I am obsessed with making math as fun as possible. I spend my paycheck on markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, Why online dating sucks dry erase markers.

This is egregious because had he taken that extra damage, he would have wound up losing the duel.

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Goku first claims to be 14, but nearly a year later claims that's because he thought 14 came after 11 so he's actually 12, yet according to the first point above, a year passed since he first gave his age, so he should be 13 Then again Batman had to have been at least nine years older to take him as a ward, and probably a little older to get all that training and establish himself as Batman first, probably putting Bruce in his early 40s, past his physical prime.

I laminate things like crazy, and I can't imagine teaching math without using an interactive notebook.

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Sayu, Misa, Dark, LightLight's mom and the girl from the bus. In this lesson, we will examine the difference between speed and velocity and use that information to answer this question. It's even worse in Asterix and the Big Fight, where Asterix declares the ratio of Romans to Gauls to be one hundred to one.

He also claims that Pearl was 8 during said events.

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Unable to eat them all, they choose to throw them to space, and later Doraemon tells Nobita that a whole galaxy made of cookies has formed.