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I surely must be guilty of the offence, since access to original documents is just not possible from where I live, in far away Canada. Or possibly a quite different Laing family?

He played eight games for the team, including 17 carries for 51 yards and six catches for 27 yards. Yahoo is now part of the Oath family.

James died soon afterwards on Dec.

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Court Line took over the firm inrenaming it ' Sunderland Shipbuilders Ltd. Whatever data I now have in this section, will, almost certainly expand as new data is received. And later the yards become part of ' North East Shipbuilders Ltd. And that data is limited enough!

He is variously described as a yeoman farmer and ship-owner.

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A puzzle perhaps is that it is Philip Laing alone who is recorded in here at page - but for reasons unknown the entire The Nautical Magazine volume which was available for download is no longer so available as then having a yard at Bridge Dock. What happened to his Southwick facility, I wonder?

The partnership was relatively short-lived, ending in c. Thompson' yard image at left. And from the 'Laing' chapter in Norman L. And can order a print via that page should you so wish.

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