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Alan Turing goes to bed early.

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Floating wind turbine technology[ edit ] Offshore wind power began to expand beyond fixed-bottom, shallow-water turbines beginning late in the first decade of the s. He's a bit of a Jerk Assbut his skill as a battlefield commander is as clear as ever.

This comic contains examples of:

The "Green Dome of the palace was surmounted by the statue of a horseman carrying a lance that was believed to point toward the enemy. Its first issue appeared in When told the program requires someone with a lack of "moral squeamishness," she scoffs Speed dating berlin über 60 in that case, he's "overqualified.

Markus killed his first Jew as a prepubescent child, encouraged by his fanatical Nazi mother. Ironically, part of his death is due to having his eye cut open by a Zephyr as he tries to use his halo, causing half of his skull to be blown off.

Katyusha takes a small sample of Woden's Blood, and appears to die, with blood spurting from her orifices. When oil prices declined by a factor of three from through the early s, [34] many turbine manufacturers, both large and small, left the business.

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Katyusha's throne, apparently shaped from a tree and carved with scenes of war. Japanese Tank Hideki remarks that he knew he was cursed, as an error in his compatibility test caused the machine to explode.

Duncan Speed dating berlin über 60 disparages Leah Cohen's appearance within earshot, and shows absolutely no concern for her comfort or well-being.

This causes his disruption halo to overload, blowing his head apart.

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Angered by Patton's Jerk Ass insulting of her, Leah flicks him with one finger and sends him flying a hundred feet in the air. This was a three-bladed, horizontal-axis, upwind, stall-regulated turbine similar to those now used for commercial wind power development. Hitler uses a converted V2 rocket to launch Sieglinde on a one-way mission to London.

Leah then gets her own halo activation, as well, and is able to move about again.

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Played straight with Alan Turing, who in real life was persecuted for his homosexuality. Hundreds of Jacobs machines were reconditioned and sold during the s.

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Just to be clear, Leah Cohen is the fastest, strongest, and most durable living thing on Earth, and if she so chose, she could wade through a nuclear explosion to pop Duncan's head like a pimple. Like many Avatar Press books, it explores extremely dark themes of bloodshed, depravity, and dehumanization using sci-fi and fantasy elements.

The purpose is to eliminate the expense of tower construction, and allow extraction of wind energy from steadier, faster, winds higher in the atmosphere.

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Even the Japanese foxholes and Uber sentries are worthless when the Americans simply either vaporise the guard, or drill through the side with their halo effect and kill the unsuspecting Japanese. This is not seen in the regular Heavies, implying that the problems only manifest after too many activations of the "physical" type.

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At the battle of Kiev, Katyusha Maria creates strategic high ground for herself by transmuting the air itself into a massive pillar of solid steel. Then we cut to Katyusha fleeing in the crowd In real life, while not executed outright, Turing suffered horrible stigmatization and debilitating medical treatments forced upon him by postwar British law and society, driving him to suicide in As well as Stupid Jetpack Hitlerdeconstructs the common superhero comic depiction of abstract "courage", "will", or "righteousness" as outweighing Super Weight.

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Had he been a normal human, he would have splattered all over the place. The premise in general can be described as what would happen if the Nazis not only had their own Captain Americabut also succeeded in replicating the results, while proceeding to show how this is not a good idea.

Unfortunately, they are still completely outclassed by the V1 Battleship class, and the first batch bravely sacrifice themselves trying to defend London from Sieglinde. These early European windmills were sunk post mills. It had a three-bladed 30 metre rotor on a steel lattice tower.

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Although the later units were sold commercially, none of these two-bladed machines were ever put into mass production. Larger generators are hoisted into position atop the tower and there is a ladder or staircase inside the tower to allow technicians to reach and maintain the generator, while protected from the weather.

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The most widely used small wind generator produced for American farms in the s was a two-bladed horizontal-axis machine manufactured by the Wincharger Corporation.

Used to replenish battery storage banks, these machines typically had generating capacities of a 100 free dating personal hundred watts to several kilowatts. Yet the Germans seemingly have no problems operating hundreds of kilometers outside Germany itself, even as far as eastern Ukraine.

At one point, Sieglinde uses her matter-warping abilities to create a twisted, alien-looking "bridge" over the Rhine so her soldiers can cross.