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Gabi and the baby were fine, and despite Kayla saying that dehydration contributed to her labor pains, Nick used Sami's temper as an excuse to set his plan into motion. I want so much to be the father of your children," Deimos added. I can open up any door that you would like to walk through.

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As if on cue, Gabi rushed into the club and tearfully revealed that she had just been attacked but had managed to escape after using her pepper spray on the attacker. Despite his turbulent upbringing, for many years Will was a quiet, eager to please little boy, but in the summer of that changed.

He got into a physical altercation with Abigail's new friend, Ben, who had stepped in to protect Abigail when Nick grabbed her arm.

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He said that Sonny had spent all their money, that Sonny had been with other guys, and that Sonny hadn't been honest with him about Paul. With the website mess seemingly behind them, Will was happy to spend time with John and Marlena, who recently came back to Salem.

Nick returns; using his knowledge of Gabi's crimes against Melanie and himself, he blackmails her into a relationship.

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But, Rafe had been out of Salem for a while and no one had heard from them. Sonny was rushed to the hospital for surgery.

Sami snuck out of Rafe's apartment while he was sleeping, went to the DiMera mansion, and found E.

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Arianna went to Rafe to confront him and Rafe told Arianna he would support Sami, no matter what. Then, he took a job in New York as well. Marlena officiated the service.

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While there, Will was so busy that he didn't take Sonny's calls or return his messages. After Will's funeral, Sonny returns to Paris because he cannot cope being in Salem where he has so many memories of Will. Using this information, Will tries to blackmail Tori into getting Paul out of Salem and drafts an article identifying Paul as a DiMera.

Adriana complained that Hope was just as responsible for putting Rafe's life in danger as the person who had actually planted the bomb. Paul sees Will now Chandler Massey working at a bar there, but he is afraid to tell Sonny, because he thinks he will lose Sonny to Will.

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At Nick and Gabi's wedding, Chad reveals that Nick is not the baby's father; Will then confesses that he is a fact unknown to Chadand Sonny breaks up with him over the deception.

Deimos understood and told Nicole to take all the time she needed to reach a decision.

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The job would mean that Will would have to move to Hollywood for six months. Nicole advised Deimos to get back together with Kate, insisting that they were perfect for each other, but he said he couldn't do that because he was in love with Nicole, who was like no other woman he had ever met.