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The system then deals with parties by always trying to match like parties against each other.

New players level 1 to 6 are processed separately wherever possible to form noob only matches. It is impossible to have a plesent match experience and not to rage and bm because u put experienced ppl with noobs in the same team.

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Divide players by games played into categories and match them accordingly: To fill in slots for a match, the system descends the Elo ranking, taking the highest ranked members available to make a full set of 10 players. The two biggest issues for a Seattle hookup match are the following: If players on both sides drop out, both of them get Elo loss.

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For the Smite game, we have made the following modifications: So yeah, unfortunately for any matchmaking system, it's going to be unpredictable and buggy until everyone has put in enough hours and games and everything for it to have enough data to be able to statistically separate player skill.

For example, if people are ready for Conquest, then 4 will not get matches and the system will try to make it the 4 people who queued at the last second.

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For each sub-group, the players are sorted by Elo. Party requests are enforced.

This match is then kicked off. I see way to many ppl that ruin league games and in casuals u cannot practice at all because, again, matchmaking op. It should get better as you level up.

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There are some other subtleties and edge cases that happen, but are too complex to cover in an overview. He wanted to pick support.

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He went stole 2 kills from adc and we surrendered at I will stop playing league untill matchmaking is fixed. This would be true for some game modes like ranked conquest which currently has a small player base, but normal conquest has more then enough players at this point for good matchmaking.

We only keep a skill on the player not by god since matchmaking does not know ahead of time what god will be selected. In addition we are going to try some more methods to improve the matchmaking, but every method Smite matchmaking fix placing some restrictions on players for example, only allowing players to play certain Gods or going into a party with a friend of similar skill level, etc.

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It's really hard to have a "perfect" matchmaker when all the players are low level and the system has very little data on them yet. Just keep grinding it out.

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It then prioritizes the following party configurations: Give it some time and level up a bit. Once the full match set of 10 is picked, the system exhaustively searches all possible combinations of who is on which side to find the combination where the sums of the Elos on each side match the closest.

The official forums would be a better place to try to get dev attention.

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How to fix matchmaking in general: We have no restrictions, so an extremely good player can party with a very bad one. If players must be not included due to match sizes, the system Smite matchmaking fix drop the last players to join. Heck, you might have someone who is level 30 and finally got a friend to try it out and they queued together and the matchmaker puts them in with you and some other people who are level 10 - 20 because what else is it going to do?

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This also minimizes the number of solos who have to play in a match with parties. Only ranked queues display the skill value.