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Now that Kody went out of his way to be with Meri for their wedding anniversary, it seems that all is finally well between the two. The year-old officially shut down the rumors that she will no longer appear in the long-running reality show while blocking some negative comments and saying that she has no plans to abandon her family.

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But Jenelle explained that she was not intentionally left out and that there was a little miscommunication about who were allowed to surround the new mom when she was giving birth. According to Robyn, the strain in the relationship is hurting the entire family.


We have to be Switzerland constantly, and we hate to see him in this place, and it's stressful for our family," Kody's new legal wife said. On her Instagram accountthe Brown patriarch was present during the opening of her Lizzie's Heritage Inn with some of her other family and friends.

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The patriarch of the polygamous Brown family also confessed that Meri "purport to be his wife but we don't cohabitate. Finally, the reality star decided to clarify the reports once and for all.

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While the issue between Kody's wives is yet to be resolved, Meri claimed that she was not blaming Maddie for not inviting her during the important event in her life. Come Sister wives dating sites guys, I have a family, I'm not bailing!

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Free sign up cp newsletter! I mean, we love Meri, we love Kody. The couple, who filed for divorce inseemed to have worked out the marital issues that they had to deal with as seen in the last season of their hit reality show on TLC when they decided to celebrate the 28th year of being together.

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Meri's fellow sister wives also opened up about the breakdown of her relationship with the Brown family patriarch. She also said what she is expecting from her spiritual husband to mend their relationship.

Christine and Janelle, Kody's two other spiritual wives, also mentioned that they are highly affected by the breaking down of the couple's relationship, but they do not want to take a side since they love them both.

However, it can also be noted that her family is giving their all-out support for her new business ventures. While Meri did not specify if she still wants to have a more intimate relationship with the father of her only child Mariah, she mentioned that she is still hoping to fix things between them.

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During Maddie's birthing process, all the other sister wives were present in the room except for Meri, and this infuriated Kody's first wife. How sweet was that?! Already starting the night with a blocking spree!

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This seemed to upset the year-old mother of one. Free sign up cp newsletter!

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Things were not always smooth sailing for the couple since Kody divorced his first and only legal wife so that he can legally marry his fourth wife Robyn in December and adopt her three children from her previous relationship. Fans are also worried that she might want to put a little distance between her and her family.

This is because she and the other sister wives had a little misunderstanding when she felt that she was Sister wives dating sites left out when Jenelle's daughter, Maddie, gave birth to Netherlands antilles dating site son, Axel.

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