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Secure the flange to the studs by driving 1-inch galvanized roofing nails through the holes in the flange.

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Cast iron tubs should be broken up with a sledgehammer. Check the manufacturer's specifications that come packaged with the new faucet to determine the size and placement of both the hole for the faucet handle and the hole for the tub spout pipe. Push the center of the faucet body through the hole in the shower wall.

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Place a rubber washer on the shoe and position the shoe under the tub in alignment with the drain flange. Remember to wear protective ear and eye gear when removing any type of tub. Attach the new piping and faucet to the existing piping using more push-and-lock connectors.

Assemble the overflow fitting with the overflow pipe.

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Cut replacement pieces of new pipe the proper length so that the new faucet lines up and will stick through the hole in the shower wall. Attempt to pull the pipe back out of the push-and-lock fitting; it should not pull out. If the existing house plumbing is steel use a push-and-lock adapter designed to transition from threaded steel pipe to smooth plastic or copper pipe.

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Open the shower faucet to drain the water pressure. Turn the new faucet on and run water until all air is bled out of the pipe. Install the tub spout pipe through the spout hole in the tub wall.

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If not, adjust it by placing wood shims under the tub. You need an unrestricted flow out through the tub spout. Place a rubber washer on the overflow drain and install the overflow cover with the screws provided. Porcelain over steel tubs should be disposed of whole.

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Use a push-and-lock elbow here. Shut off the main water supply to the house, if necessary. Turn off the water supply to the existing tub and shower faucet. Replacing a corroded or leaking shower faucet with a new single-lever shower faucet will add beauty to your bath, help preserve your home and help the environment by using less water.

The tub can be removed whole as long as you have some help. But is they get to that door and it's locked stopper pulled to activate showerthey will turn around and head out the other EXIT shower head.

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Steel, composite or fiberglass tubs can be cut up with a reciprocating saw. Screw the drain flange into the shoe.


You need a helper for these next few steps. You may want to leave the drain linkage and pop-up assembly out of the tub until you set it in place.

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Insert the blade of a large screwdriver between the handles of the pliers and use it as a lever to tighten the drain flange. Insert the ends of the overflow pipe and waste pipe in the T-fitting.

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If necessary, run a new pipe up the wall to the shower head. Any restrictions cause the water to gently back up as it waits its turn to exit the tub spout. Also remove any trim moulding from the sides of the alcove. Install the tub spout, shower arm and shower head.