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No national ombuds office exists. Public financing of political parties will be phased out by Water efficiency and waste management remain serious problems, particularly in the south.

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A Parliamentary Budget Office assesses government forecasts, often critically, and monitors compliance with European fiscal rules.

Its score on this measure has improved by 0. Workforce-participation rates among women are low, as are birth rates.

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Traffic-related smog is an issue even in smaller towns, with the country having among the highest number of cars per capita in the world. Preventing illegal immigration and hosting refugees have been bigger policy concerns than integration.

Executive Accountability 23 With a mix of oversight capabilities, Italy falls into the lower-middle ranks rank 23 in the area of executive accountability.

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Tax reforms have encouraged technological investment. A small team of experts advises the prime minister on policy strategy.

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His research, policy-advising and publications have focused on European integration, the European economy and public finance. While previous tax reductions and other expansionary measures have produced positive economic effects, impact has been less than expected due in part to slowing international growth.

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Income-tax reductions have been postponed. Governance Executive Capacity 16 With significant positive reforms underway, Italy falls into the upper-middle ranks internationally rank 16 with regard to executive capacity.

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Unemployment rates have increased in recent years, with jobless rates particularly dramatic among the young. A growing number of single-issue movements provide policymaking contributions.

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Pension reforms have increased the lowest pension rates and made retirement ages more flexible. The audit court is independent but not connected to parliament.

Social Policies 25 With serious gaps in its safety net, Italy falls into the lower-middle ranks rank 25 in the area of social policies.

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He has authored or edited the following publications: Overall education-system quality is not high, with access concerns at the secondary and tertiary levels.

His main areas of interest include the comparative study of political elites and political institutions, as well as Italian politics.

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Anti-corruption efforts have been strengthened, but corruption remains a serious problem. A recently passed electoral law switches from closed electoral lists to mixed lists, enabling voters to express candidate preferences.

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Social programs are weak, and fail to reach a significant share of the newly impoverished. During the review period, the Renzi government focused strongly on the constitutional reform that was approved by parliament but ultimately rejected in a referendum.