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At the next level of sensitivity, a more general description could be "a source with good knowledge of the discussions in cabinet meetings".

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And he came loaded for bear, particularly on the question of torture. Source sensitivity[ edit ] Intelligence taken from sensitive sources cannot be used without exposing the methods or persons providing it.

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Prior to joining the School of Information. In clandestine collection, solicited requirements are regularly used for legal travelers, for defectors and returnees, and for others whose capability or knowledge can be used only through detailed guidance or questioning.

Stahl, a piano player herself, first met Rex in when he was eight years old.

He received a double B. To do so in partnership with these companies who share our vision will help propel the entire field forward in a thoughtful responsible way.

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One of those stories was correspondent Lesley Stahl's profile of Rex Lewis-Clack, a little boy whose blindness and limited intellectual capacity existed alongside extraordinary musical talent.

If a satellite will do the job, the orbits of available satellites may not be suitable for the requirement.

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Carolyn Donham, the woman Emmett Till allegedly whistled Semantic matchmaking, refused to come to the door, but 60 Minutes cameras were able to get a shot of her.

His research focuses on automated planning and decision making, especially in the context of human-aware AI systems.

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It sometimes appeals to requester-analysts, who if they find a receptive collector can get more requirements accepted than would be possible otherwise. The elements of need, compulsion and request are embodied in three types of collection requirements: Solicited requirements blend into jointly developed ones, in which collector and consumer work out the requirement usually for a subject of broad scope, at the collector's initiative.

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Agencies requiring HUMINT prepare lists of priorities which establish goals, provide a basis for planning and summarize the information needs of consumers. During this time Furman played a major role in most of the major economic policies of the Obama Administration.

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A consumer requirements officer must find the best collection bargain he can for his analyst client, and a collector requirements officer must find the best use for the resources he represents and protect Mobile dating website from unreasonable demands.

Going down another level the description gets even broader, as "a generally reliable source familiar with thinking in high levels of the government".

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Here, a few correspondents talk about the stories that stand out to them. The CM must decide if an analytic report rather than the imagery itself will answer the question; when a Semantic matchmaking image or video is required, the CM must inform staff members of the cost to the IT network and HQ bandwidth.

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Dealing with general matters has itself become a specialty.