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Rufus and lily dating in real life, more tv news:

She is a famous movie star that starts a relationship with Dan.

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He explained that Bart was having an affair with Avery over twenty years ago, and that Bart purposefully trapped her in an apartment fire when she decided to go back to Russell.

As she lied to Dan about several things to cover it up, she asks Lily to take her to a concert where Rufus will be performing because Dan will be there.

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Meanwhile, Dan learns about the child from Chuck and struggles with not telling Serena. In Season 6 episode 2, Nelly Yuki returns as a fashion reporter sent to review Blair's new fashion line.

Despite this, Rufus still doubts Dan's paternity and voices his concerns to Lily. Eric was to deal drugs for Damien, so that the latter could keep a low profile with his father. When Blair tries to break them up, she finds out that Eva was a prostitute, but Chuck forgives Eva for not telling him and dedicates a charity in Eva's name.

Lily obliges and witnesses Rufus perform. They go together and they kiss, which leaves both unsure of their feelings for one another The Handmaiden's Tale. Ben and Serena started to hang out, later developing into a couple. Guest stars[ edit ] Reed Birney portrays Mr. In Season 5 episode 13, the th episode, Louis and Blair's wedding ceremony was interrupted How to make a dating site from scratch an explosive Gossip Girl blast, a video of Blair professing her undying love for Chuck, not Louis.

They call the doctor, who confirms the results himself, and Dan signs the birth certificate. He meets Blair in Paris at the beginning of season four and begins to fall for her - however, not wanting her to be only interested in him because of his title, he acts as if he is a chauffeur though Blair later discovers the truth.

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Special cameo appearance[ edit ] Lady Gaga performing " Bad Romance " on the series. During dinner, it comes out that Rufus and Lily used to date and Lily and Alison dislike each other for that reason.

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At the end of season 3, after a long absence, Georgina returns to New York City from her enforced exile in Belarus disguised by wearing a blonde wig and a large coat, desperately seeking the help of various Upper-East Siders with her "problem".

This caused him to be forced into serving a five-year sentence for a crime that he did not commit. But while they create a baby book for Milo, Rufus learns that there is no way Dan could biologically be the father due to the difference in blood type Double Identity.

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Portrayed by Linda Emond in season one and the beginning of season two and by Jan Maxwell at the end of season two and for one episode in season four, Headmistress Queller is Constance Billiard School for Girls' and St.

However Eva dumps Chuck when, after all the good things she has done for him, Chuck is still duped by one of Blaire's devious schemes into thinking Eva was only using him.

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She then takes matters into her own hands and has him freed but Carter refuses to resume their relationship, saying that he would have preferred it if Serena didn't save him so that he could make amends and leaves. Her parents move her back to Israel after spring break.

Soon after, it's revealed that CeCe left Ivy everything in her will; a fact that doesn't sit well with either Carol or Lily; especially after Ivy is given Lily's penthouse, as it technically belonged to CeCe The Princess Dowry. They have a short sexual relationship which ends when Chuck is told by Russell that Bart Bass was responsible for the death of Raina's mother, Avery.

Before they can leave, they're confronted by everyone but William is able to flee before the police show.

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However, this does not convince Nate, who rebukes her. Later, he finds out that she is in fact his daughter and the vice-president of her father's company.

Later on, this is also reaffirmed in "The Townie".

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In Season 5 at Blair's wedding, it is revealed that Georgina steps in as the 'new' Gossip Girl, the anonymous narrator of the series, as the 'real 'Gossip Girl' abandoned her post following Chuck and Blair's accident. They find him at the bus back to Boston and the three share a hug.

Hazel has tendency to be desperate for a boyfriend and Jenny at one point blackmails her to treat Nelly Yuki better by reminding her that she once hooked up with her cousin.

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