A Look at Virgil Abloh's Creative Work over the Last 10 Years | Nice Kicks A Look at Virgil Abloh's Creative Work over the Last 10 Years | Nice Kicks

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It also provided the proof of talent, audience and execution and likely capital, too to launch what eventually became Off-White. On the fashion front, Off-White continued to gain ground both in retailers and online worldwide by dropping a handful of collaborations that touched a wide array of eras, regions and product types.

Linking with West at the age of 22 in as a creative consultant as Business of Fashion tells it, his work with West has ranged from everything to designing merch to album art to set designs.

While irony is on the edge of Off-White, it was always at the heart of Been Trill which was birthed by his side job in DJing and just so happened to launch a Rihanna dating zimbio clothing line and countless collabs that once fetched top dollar.

Destinywhich was released that September.

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The aim was to pass on the skills Abloh learned and used to reduce violence among Chicago youth mostly likely to be on either side of a gun crime. Days of Future Past. One of Chung's earliest on-camera appearances was a role in the music video for Rihanna 's single " Umbrella " as first woman to the right of Jay Z.

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Behind the scenes creative consulting with Kanye West, introduction to Kim Jones The creative relationship of Kanye West and Virgil Abloh has always been one of some mystery. At the time she was selected to be on The Real World: This would likely be the same time Kanye and Virgil presented the infamous leather jogger that would later make waves in Of her character, Chung said "Blink doesn't want to be a hero, she grew up in a world where people are bullied for being mutants" and added that she is "not at her full capacity yet" like Bingbing's version.

A Dame to Kill Forwhich was released that August. NY and Veronica Mars. Though Pyrex Vision would gather its share of attention both good and bad, the expensive art project would provide the blueprint for young creatives to get both their ideas off and their money up off Champion blanks and Gildan tees.

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The merging of worlds, influence of youth and means for life beyond the runway taken to new heights via celeb endorsement ring true for the modern success of Off-White.

They became engaged in December When he finally resurrected his phone at around 8 p.

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She appeared in film Grown Ups and had a supporting role in the martial arts film The Man with the Iron Fists. Off-White on the other hand would reach new heights, dropping more memorable collaborations but more importantly gaining critical esteem and entering the high fashion realm officially with their inaugural fashion show.

During that time, West and Abloh interned at Fendi. The wedding was a three-day celebration consisting of a welcome dinner on Halloween Eve in which guests were required to wear costumes, followed by a wedding ceremony on October 31 in which Chung and Greenberg exchanged non-denominational vows.

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Chung and her teammates were victorious against the remaining members of the Bad Asses in the final event, and won the competition. The Prelude which was also directed creatively by Abloh. From a fashion standpoint, West launched footwear collaborations with both Louis Vuitton and Nike, shaking the digital space for its chase and pricing, and influencing sneaker culture on a ground level with its campouts.

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GOOD Friday track visuals Rihanna dating zimbio in minimalism underscored with models made for an era defining aesthetic that would shift the genre and prove that imitation is truly the highest form of flattery. Chung plays a younger version of the character played by Fan Bingbing in the feature film X-Men: Chung stated in an interview, however, that she was far more nervous about having to sing in the film, commenting, "I don't sing.

In MarchChung was cast as attorney Lana Harris in the one-hour legal drama Miranda's Rights, [25] but the series was not picked up by NBC after the pilot episode. While Pyrex Vision may have been likened to an art project, Kanye West has called the Yeezus Tour a demo tape in regards to proving his creativity and earning potential to the likes of Disney and others.

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Looking back ten years toWest had just released his pop pinnacle, Graduation, which we at Nice Kicks consider his breakout moment in regards to becoming the alpha dog in both sneakers and menswear.