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Able to slim into a pocket or into the included belt clip or arm band, it tracks heart rate, steps taken, strides run, distances covered, calories burned, and quality of sleep, all in a tiny 8 gram form factor. Software that transforms your lock screen into a Facebook feed, complete with full-screen pics, status updates, and IMs, and offers deep Facebook integration after you unlock.

It also features built-in support for the ZigBee and Z-Wave home automation standards, removing the need for a separate hub, and thanks to the built-in touchscreen, you don't need a separate controller, either. The remote communicates with the box via Bluetooth 4, and features a magnet on the back so you can stick it anywhere you Funny messages to send on dating site handy.

Using high-end stereolithography technology, the Form 1 can construct details as small as microns, and can print objects up to 4. So far, your smartphone has been able to do pretty much anything you ask of it — except tell you when you've had one too many to get behind the wheel. This networked digital music player arrives in a decor-friendly glass and aluminum enclosure, and promises to consolidate your media in one place.

You can get them here. Just move your head.

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This small, squarish camera features a solar panel on the top to charge the battery in sunlight, a hand crank on the side to charge manually, and a USB port for more traditional energy restoration.

These small cordless boxes continuously measure temperature humidity, noise, light, air quality, and barometric pressure and send all that data to the cloud so you can access it anywhere. The battery is probably empty. In other words, it's for artsy shots, not for trying to shoot your next cover photo.

Your unlikely hero has arrived. This keychain-friendly device plugs into the headphone port of your iPhone or Android device, and interacts with an app to give you an accurate measurement of your BAC.

There's a good reason for this - it's utterly broken. The GB Boy Classic has a monochrome LCD screen which is quite blurry — perhaps even more so than the original Game Boy Pocket — and the sound appears to be pitched slightly higher, too.

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Other features include an OLED touchscreen display, a rear-mounted heart rate sensor, a two-week battery life, micro USB port for charging, and Bluetooth 4.

Thanks to a core GPU, it's capable of producing stunning graphics to display on the integrated 5-inch, p touchscreen display, and it's also got a real gaming controller attached, with a custom tuned port audio system.

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Pair it with the Multimode Table for the ability to use like, you know, an actual PC. Coming soon to a carrier near you. This Yves Behar-designed set includes a device that you clip to your waist that offers GPS, NFC, compass, accelerometer, and a gyrometer, and a set of club tags, one for each club in your bag.

So don't be surprised if you find this gift set on their, or your own, wish list. Limited to just units, or the total number of people that can actually figure out what time it is by looking at the face.

What you do with it is totally up to you. This unique gadget works as a base for any camera or camcorder with a tripod mount, following your movements wirelessly thanks to a small waterproof transmitter that you wear as an armband. Even better, it will link up with Odemax. Ever feel lonely and just wish you had someone, something, to talk to?

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Developed in collaboration Ludovic Ballouard, it also features a Some SD Cards might draw excessive power or exhibit other strange behaviour. If you have tried different consoles, different SD Cards, different power bricks, and cleaned the contacts, the sd2snes itself is probably at fault e.

This Wi-Fi-enabled light switch replaces any standard light switch in your house or apartment, letting you turn lights on and off from your Android or iOS device. Check that the write protection slider on your SD Card is set to off, i.

On the technical side, it sports a paltry 3-megapixel CMOS sensor that's made interesting by the inclusion of 15 built-in filters, three shooting models, high-power LED lights for nighttime shooting, and a built-in mic for video recording.

Nintendo may well Retron 2 hook up a Game Boy Classic in the fullness of time but if you're in the market for a replacement right now, don't discount these Chinese imitations; the GB Boy Colour in particular could show Nintendo a thing or two about how to revive one of its most famous brands.