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He has failed to consider all of the data. I will deal with these concerns when we discuss the untenability of young-earth science. In the biblical case, however, human ages decline from being close to a millennium—a span used in Scripture to represent symbolically the kairological fullness of time and proximity to the glory of God—to an average of years, which is, quite literally, an average human lifespan even today.

It does not look like a process just now reaching equilibrium. Before the advent of nuclear reactors, protactinium was separated for scientific experiments from uranium ores. And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth.

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The Genesis passage states that "[t]he man called his wife's name Eve [life-giver], because she was the mother of all living. It requires quite radical assumptions, however, to make a supposedto 1 million year human history "fit.

The metal is an active reducing agent and readily reacts with halogensoxygenand sulfur to yield halides, oxide, and sulfide. A straightforward reading of the Genesis 4 text requires there to be many other human beings around at the time of Cain and Abel. Strontium hydroxide, Sr OH 2, is sometimes used to extract sugar from molasses because it forms a soluble saccharide from which the sugar can be easily regenerated by the action of carbon dioxide.

There are two ways to respond to this interpretation.

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I will present three ways to derive an age for the earth: Agreement of the five methods is "appearance of age" just as surely as if the rock were labeled "3.

I would like to see a reference to the "proper" calculations, so as to judge if the claim is correct.

AboutJan Ort of the Netherlands postulated a cloud of comets orbiting the sun far outside the planets. If not, then the existence of short-period comets indicates a young solar system. I've discussed some of this in the newsgroup, but here I'll leave it for the rebuttal phase of the debate.

Disruption of communication Unfortunately, this process works in the opposite direction from Morris' needs. In my own library, every creationist text which provides evidence for a young earth uses this argument.

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While this doesn't guarantee an absolute age for the original rocks need not be availableit can at least give a lower limit for the age of the earth. Stassen Closing Remarks Three quick points before I dive in: Bob's age for the earth differs by about six orders of magnitude from the value that scientists propose.

Morris trying to palm off wildly inaccurate dust influx rates as reasonable values.

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The Rb-Sr isochron method is most commonly used on igneous rocks, which form by cooling from a liquid. He also neglects to mention that most of the 89 K-Ar ages reported in their study agree very well with the expected ages.

Switzer, a European conference reported two studies which showed the concentration has been Dating spiritual leader for at least 10, years "Radioactive Dating and Low-level Counting, Science, Today, new experimental methods can reach 80, years, andyears may soon be reached.

Presence of small particles in the solar system There are three processes working against this proposed dating method: The differences in the reported half lives are a consequence of improved methods and instruments, and the care with which the individual measurements were made.

However, neither do they provide support for Chris's position, so they add nothing to the debate. These inclusions, called xenoliths meaning foreign rocksconsist primarily of olivine, a pale-green iron-magnesium silicate mineral.

This may very well be true -- as I said, the internal checks do support the theory.

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He mostly reused materials that he had posted previously to talk.