¿Quién lo paga?: Dos potencias se saludan ¿Quién lo paga?: Dos potencias se saludan

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He accused the company of operating an Internet company without a proper broadband license and told its customers they would have to find a new Internet service within that period. Earlier this month, Mr. And unfortunately, the matter has been escalated, and we are very concerned about it.

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Timerman hinted that the U. It also affected state coffers, reducing tax revenue from stiff export levies. Embassy in Buenos Aires. It is time for the user community and our congressional representatives to intervene.

Lack of Computer Power Undermines U.S. Numerical Weather Prediction (Revised)

It is similarly unable to simulate large convective systems. We are talking about millions or tens of millions of dollars at most to have the hardware we need. CFK, Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez and Economy Minister Amado Boudou have come out to try to calm inflation fears, saying people should shop around because some companies are trying to take advantage by charging higher prices.

Back-of-the-envelope calculations indicates that a good first step— 4km national ensembles—would require about 20, processors to do so in a timely manner—but it would revolutionize weather prediction in the U.

Notas sobre o tempo, o clima e a diferença

To many of us this seems excessive, perhaps the longest periods hr plus could be done twice a day. Can you imagine how many millions of dollars are being spent by U. What am I talking about? Last year we had quite a few over ten billion-dollar storms…. Pero eso, es personal.

Relations between Argentina and the U. Air Force C cargo plane that landed Thursday with material for a training course that a U. And one we must change.

Este forma mamarrachesca de gastar dinero del Estado para hacer propaganda desde el poder nos permite preguntarnos si Cristina es tan Estadista como sus incondicionales dicen. Argentine officials told the Americans during planning for the training course not to worry about declaring such material, the official said.

A key aspect of NWP is to assimilate the observations to create a good description of the atmosphere.