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I would much rather spend my time curled up on the couch with quality reading than spend an evening looking at my watch wondering when the "date" will end. Well, I'm only half-way through the book and have already drawn the conclusion that the information I've absorbed is invaluable.

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So, please, save yourself heartache and years of treading water in a wrong relationship. Reading this book gave me new insight into why I married my ex-husband. Thank you Sue and Yaacov. I fully intend to complete the reading and pass it on to a lady friend of mine who is also in relationship limbo.


Clinicians simply have a different way of looking at and resolving challenges and issues. The methodology outlined in this book significantly reduces the pain of dating.

However, for this important project I was asked if we could just identify risks and do it in less than 45 minutes, including instructions and debriefing, and was told that we would have upward of 35 people in attendance. A must read tool for anyone on the dating scene I started reading the SpeedDating book about a month ago.

Although the project budget was not huge, the implications to the patient, healthcare science and our organization were significant. I believe it comes Please log in or sign up below to read the rest of the article. To those not familiar with working with teams that include clinical staff, they Project speed dating a wonderful flavor--and challenge--to any project team that also includes non-clinical staff.


And when you fall in love, SpeedDating will help you determine if that love can last a lifetime. My hope is that my future judgement lapses will be less and that I will not waste my time and the time of others in meaningless relationships. I was skeptical at first as to how useful the information might be to me.

If you're not on the same page as your partner, it's because YOU didn't ask the right questions and align yourself with someone whose heart is in the same place as yours. Based on a system of core values that started to emerge when we discussed having children, my ex and I couldn't have been more diametrically opposed in the areas of religion, lifestyle and balancing household responsibilities.

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Asking targeted questions also helps you to discover your own core values and to search for a life partner who will share those values. We were what the authors call "defaulters-those who become so enmeshed in a relationship before making a commitment that they never really know where dating ends and the relationship begins.

Although we have conducted risk assessment sessions with as many as 50 people--running multiple risk matrices--we tend to try to work with groups of 12 to 16 in order to totally engage each person in attendance.

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I recommend Project speed dating book to anyone on the dating circuit, regardless of religon. This book shows you how to take responsibility for who you really are and how to attract the partner who will help you realize your full potential.

Normally we spend between two and four hours identifying and qualifying probability and impact assessment risks, with the time split fairly evenly between the two operations.

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The SpeedDating process helps you find your lifelong love — not a fleeting romance that leaves you back where you began — single. You want to be with someone in whom you see greatness and who sees greatness in you.

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While the cost of a hardbound book can scare off potential readers, think of it this way: And when that "bad date" ends, where will I be: SpeedDating is best known for its fast, fun, 7-minute round-robin dating events, which have been featured in major media such as the New York Times and People.

When you're ready to stop wasting time dating the wrong person, read this book. A no brainer to me. But the SpeedDating approach shared in this book takes you beyond the first date to help you reach your goal: SpeedDaters save the romance for the right relationship.