'Snapshot' car insurance: What's the catch? 'Snapshot' car insurance: What's the catch?

Progressive snapshot hook up, consumer concerns about 'snapshot'

This could rope in new drivers, who after becoming used to the presence of the device will go back to their wild ways.

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Clearly that would be a pretty scary thing if it fell into the wrong hands. Why do these scenarios matter?

Progressive is looking at some very basic characteristics at this point. Now you and I know better, so we can more easily adapt to these driving monitoring devices. This is by choice, not by physical limitations.

When your tires are spinning, they spin at a higher rate of speed than the vehicle and once they catch traction, they rapidly slow down. You can find a list of participating states at Progressive's website. The positive stimulus is the prospect of a discount. It helped me become a safer driver.

Hypothetically, if you were going faster than the posted speed limit at the time of a claim, how do you think that will fare in your defense? You can earn badges, score points, dissect your driving data and share your results with family and friends.

It was me doing brake stands burnouts and I was trying to figure out how to disable Traction Control on my Mustang. This concern goes both ways; you can use the data to support your claim if you were driving safely.

The device works with vehicle model years and newer. Typically, the first snapshot is taken after 30 days of driving, then finalized when your policy renews.

Snapshot is currently available in 39 states, with Progressive snapshot hook up to offer it in more in coming months, the company says. Had I known the real impact of each hard brake, I would be even more intentional about avoiding them. Eventually, I figured it out.

The negative stimulus is the annoying beep.

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The worst that can happen, he claims, is not qualifying for a discount. You simply install the device and it tracks your driving habits for a month, with no obligation. The data can be incredibly useful in the event you are wrongfully accused of a crime.

Using Snapshot Against You When opting into the Snapshot program, you also let Progressive to use the data they recorded against you in the event of a claim. Since my commute changed from city streets to a highway, I was able to avoid hard-brake scenarios. Not really a big deal, in the end" because he still got the discount.

I was conflicted because then I was now assigning a price for my privacy — how much is it worth? As my vehicle depreciates, I can only presume that premiums decrease accordingly.

These insights cater to the very human psychology to encourage and positively reward good behavior. There is too much opportunity for mischief if we blindly give up privacy rights just to get a rebate check.

A Snapshot snapshot

But some skeptics wonder what Progressive will do with the information the electronic eavesdropper gathers. After I understood this threshold, I avoided slowing down faster than 10MPH per second, and would watch my speedometer compulsively. At 45MPH 66 feet per secondto come to a complete stop such as doing a left turnyou will require 6.

Thankfully, the device cannot measure how far off the ground all four tires go when you are jumping railroad tracks! Hutchinson notes that Progressive has been fine-tuning the program for a few years; it's seen as an improvement to the company's MyRate program, which required a six-month enrollment to possibly qualify for a discount.

Progressive may be smart to question how many of their insured and agents may guess incorrectly!